Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume review

Marc Jacobs Daisy-£56.00
Oh my gosh! This youthful fragrance is divine it smells like a summers day! I love to go perfume testing in Debinhams and Boots, dreaming of all the perfumes i would buy if i could so i was so happy when i finally got this perfume! It is a very warm, light, soft smell (if a fragrance smell can be soft ;)) I actually reminds me of a softer version of the Estee Lauder White Linen scent, but i think these one is perhaps more pretty and young smelling.
I also love the bottle so much, it looks so good on any ones dressing table, i think this is the kind of perfume bottle that i will keep even when all the perfume is gone!
The name Daisy comes off great because the scent is so flowery and light, just like a daisy!

Look forward to another perfume review tomorrow!
Also tell us which scent you prefer Marc Jacobs Daisy or Marc Jacobs Lola , because i just can't decide! ;)
Lots of love Gabbbyyy!!xx

Storage Tip

Storing all your beauty products can be hard! And i have tried lots of different things, however i was in IKEA and these baskets really appealed to me! I wasn't sure what I was going to put in them but in the end i took off the lid and kept (in the large one) face products (in the medium one) random products and (in the smallest one) cotton pads, cu tips and tweezers. These are great for your bathroom or dressing table, and you really can store anything in them, how about face make-up in the large one, eye shadows in the medium one and eye liners in the smallest one, the possibilities are endless! These are also really cheap as they only cost £5.49! The ones below i found on the IKEA website which i also love and these are only £4.99. Also if you aren't looking to spend money you could use show boxes and maybe even decorate them! :) 
FABLER Box, set of 3, green Love from Gabs xx

Fall Make-up Under $15/£15

If your into make-up but under a low budget then here are some great fall products:

Maybelline Dream Soft Blush (£6.49): This is a gorgeous cream blush I wish I'd found it sooner!
Product Image
Maybelline Eye Studio Colour plush Eyeshadows: What a great eye palette filled with some neutrals and fall bright colours and they come witha sponge applicator.
Maybelline - The Prettiest Fall Makeup for $15 or Less - Eye Shadow
Sonia Kashuk Brush Couture Set($15): These are 5 most useful brushes a kabuki,contour,blending,eyeshadow and is it a lip brush? haha! Great quality and stylish.
Sonia Kashuk - The Prettiest Fall Makeup for $15 or Less - Makeup Brushes
NYX Matte Lipsticks($6.00): NYX has a great range of colours I've heard such good things about them and I hope one day i'll get online and buy some for myself.
NYX - The Prettiest Fall Makeup for $15 or Less - Matte Lipstick
L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes($9.00): These mascaras are absolutely brilliant I can guarentee no clogged up lashes and lasts for many hours.
L'Oreal - The Prettiest Fall Makeup for $15 or Less - Mascara
No7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser(£12.00): At the begining of the fall a tinted moisturiser and if it is a good enough coverage for you I highly suggest this one

L’Oreal Paris Studio Secrets High Definition Eyeliner: A brilliant eyeliner one I personally use a lot of (sorry about the picture quality)

Revlon Bronzer With Pop-up Mirror(£7.99): This bronzer has been reccomended to me a couple of times so I decided to give it a go and now it is going to be my go to bronzer!

Jade xx

Body Shop Satsuma review!

I highly suggest these products, all 3 of them are great!
Satsuma Body Butter £5.00- This has the most beautiful smell imaginable, its sweet but not sickly but it just smells like a strong satsuma, very citrus . It melts into your skin, and has a buttery texture to it, and it gets absorbed into your skin well except it does take a while to do so. I find it really hydrates your skin and leaves it soft and smooth. I would defiantly repurchase this and give it a 9/10.

Satsuma Shower Gel/Cream- £4.00- This has the same smell as the body butter and it stays on your skin through out the day, it really helps wake me up in the morning as it is very fresh and cooling.

Ultra Fine Bath Lily- £1.50- Well i couldn't take a shower without my Loafer, i find it really helps lather up the shower gel. Its not to rough but gently exfoliates the skin at the same time!

I always feel I can trust the body shop to give amazing products, the satsuma line is my personal 2nd favourite but nothing comes before the mango range! What's your favourites tell us in the comments below!? ;)  Love from Gabs xx

Get Katy's Look For Less

Get Katy's Look For Less

Who wouldn't want to look like this stunning superstar, she has style, talent and a great eye for all things different, if you want to get Katy's sophisticated style but don't want to buy designer then here are a few clothes which i picked out which i think are just as good ;)

This shirt has got the same gorgeous bow on it as Katy's!
Knit tank
$28 or £17.17 -

Light and beautiful is this top and of brilliant quality even though the price is low!
Miss Selfridge cream shirt
£48.85 or £30 -

Black blazer, makes such a statement piece, if you want to make it more dramatic sew in simple shoulder pads
Cotton blazer
£40.72 or £25 -

Slightly more pricey but sometimes its good to spend a bit more on a good pair of jeans to make sure they you get the right ones and they fit great
NSF cotton pants
$50 or £30.70 -

These knockout shoes create a super sophisticated look!
Privileged high heel pumps
$29 or £17.80 -

Some great colours for that a high price, that's just my style!
Hottopic - Search Results for nyx
$6.50 or £3.99 -

Match dark lips with the same colour nail polish for a smart look.
MAC Lipstick
$15 or £9.21 -

A cheaper alternative to the MAC one, and yet the same stunning colour
Laval Super Value Lipsticks – Corals
£3.18 or £1.95 -

Love Gabriella<3

Selena Gomez: Her Fasion Look

Selena is popular and an idol to so many young girls so she can't make herself look too grown-up but she is 19 and trying to keep up with the trends so I was thinking that this was a great look for teenage girls not trying to be an young girl or young woman.

Having an indigo shirt peeping out through the black, tight fitted blazer looks so chic. A cute puffy skirt brings the child out of you and just looks great on Selena's fair skin

Again black heels from the Disney crew, these are sexy lace ups with a glossy toe and grey, suede sides.

The light grey knee-high socks are a real cute way to to pull your look together and the pink flower on her black blazer adds a pretty splash of colour.

Jade xx

Beauty Essentials

If you are just starting to really get into beauty products and your not sure what you need, here is our list of absolute essentials. Our lives wouldn't quite be the same without them ;)  So starting from the left we have:
Cotton Pads- These can be used for everything and anything e.g taking off make-up and taking off nail polish. You can also buy these from anywhere and they are really cheap!
Body Lotion- It is so important to keep you body hydrated and moisturised, this one from Sanctuary is especially good and if this is maybe a little bit pricey for you get the gift pack where you get three smaller bottles like i did!
Spot treatment- This is something which has saved me many a time, if you suffer from pimples every so often this Witch blemish stick is great and it also will help against scarring from spots.
Cu tips- You can find so many different uses for cu tips, you just have to have them.
Nail polish remover- Not much to say about this except if you love to wear nail polish then get a good nail polish remover!
Face wash- Washing your face twice a day can make the biggest difference to the way you look and feel inside and out.
Tweezers- Get a good pair of tweezers if you want tamed eyebrows and can't afford to get them done professionally.
Make-up remover- It is so important to remover you make-up, because it can lead to breaking out and not very healthy skin.
Face Moisturiser- Clean&Clear do a great drugstore moisturiser, their new Morning Energy line is just amazing, even if you have oily skin that doesn't mean you don't have to moisturise you face! :)
Deodorant- Bit of an obvious one, but to stay fresh and smelling good all day!
Vaseline- Vaseline is an all round essential, there is so many uses, if you are interested check out our other blog post on 25 uses of vaseline:
Headband- Finally it is a good idea to buy a head band which can prevent hair getting into your face while you are washing your face and applying you make-up.

Hope you guys like this post, this post is the 2nd of our "Essentials" post mini series so look out for more ;)
 Love from Gabby xx

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Ashley Tisdale: Her Fasion Look

I saw this picture of Ashley and I was loving everything she was wearing from her cool casual top to her major high street heels.

Matching up the patterned skirt with a grey tee and denim jacket has made the look casual but perfect for going out with girls in town.

High heel shoes have proven to be an essential and fashion icon, these strapped up back heels are gorgeous but basic enough to not look too fancy.

Simple jewellery is a good way to go if your young old or anything in between. The sunglasses pulls the look together. Then her small, black shoulder bag is a defined statement and the braided bag strap with the gold chain is very "in" this season.

Yours Only Jade xx

Boots Teatree and Witch Hazel Reveiw

These products were requested by Livy xx i bought six items at my Boots store there is always a 2 for £6 offer so here are my thoughts on each product:
(From left to right)

Peel Off Face Mask: Love Love Love this product if you want to treat yourself this product is for you. Great for unclogging pores and leaves a clean and refreshed feel to your face.

Cleansing and Toning Lotion: Not a lotion for sure but works just as well as any other drugstore cleanser. I would suggest using a different cleanser for night time because the smell and feel is quite strong but easy to bare.

Exfoiliating Facial Scrub: A brilliant scrub to use once or twice a week a highly suggest this product.

Face Wash: It turns into a foamy feel when its pumped out the bottle which is so cool. If you did use this product i reccomend a face moisteriser to go with it because the wash closes up your pores but is quite a dry feeling so I wouldn't suggest this product to dry skin types.

Spot Treatment: I'm going to go right out there and say it, not a good spot treatment at all, it doesn't work and doesn't last. A high is I like the idea having on one side the day treatment and the night on the other side.

Night Treatment Gel: This is by far our favourite product it's such a nice "thing" to put on your face before going to bed after applying your cleanser.

All these products smell the same which is a very clean smell<3

Lovee Jade xx

Bath Bomb Review- Lush

Lush bath bombs are such a treat and in my opinion you can't get much better, they can be pricey so its important to make sure you get the right one so we are here to make your decision a bit easier! :)
Space Girl! £1.90
I tried out these bath bombs and this is what I thought- Space Girl brings colour to your bath, it turns into a beautiful creamy bluey purple, it is also full of a lot of glitter so it will leave your body glimmering! For some people this will be a bad thing but for others it will be good. It doesn't leave any bubbles at all though. I personally think £1.90 is really cheap for a lush bath bomb! It is shaped like Saturn, and smells like Black current sweeties ;)

Think Pink!!-£2.35
If you are a girls girl and you love pink and sweet smells, this is the perfect bomb for you! It will turn your water pink and will make your bathroom smell like strawberry bon bons! It is a sweet smell but not too over powering, the water turns soft, and leaves you feeling sleepy and relaxed.

Wow!! This bomb was definitely my favourite so fair! It is so relaxing! and perfect for before bed! I broke mine up because it is quite large and therefore you don't need to use the whole thing in one. The scent is very gentle and it really gives you a pick me up, so if you are stressed at all, this is a wonderful treat! It makes beautiful pink and blue swirls in the bath and just takes you to that comfortable relaxed state, there is also glitter inside ;)
 Yours truely Gabby xxx

August Favourites!

Heey, every month we're going to do a favourites video hope you like them<3

(From left to right)
1. Body Shop Perfume Chymara Eau De Toilette-a cherry scent great for summer
2. No7 Lipstick Cameo-A bright pink lipcolour fo a bight pink girl
3.BarryM Nail Paint Pure Turquoise-bright nails are the finishing touch you need 
4.Pearl Studs-Simple and elegant
5.Floral Sunglasses-Go with anything colourful and bright
6.Clean&Clear Skin Brightening Scrub-An all year round purchase, helps with spot scarring
7.Garnier Summerbody-A gradual tan, smells of apricots, a summer essential
8.Dior Mistique Jade Eye Palette-All the colours you need for an outgoing look
9.Dior Rose Luck & Lucky Pink-A beautiful pink blush for any skin tone
10.Primark White Shorts-Clothing essential and great for hot weather
11.The Ark Red Floral BoobTube-Beautiful top to wear through spring and summer

Lovee Jade xx

Hair Essentials

Here are some examples high end and low end of hair essentials you'll need:

Hair Straightners - you can also do curls with this
hair iron, Saks ceramic or the more famous Ghd's straightners are ones I highly suggest.

Dry Shampoo - this product is a life saver for a
rushed morning or a quick clean up for "second day hair". Despite the name this should not be replaced
by your every wash shampoo.

Shine serum - to make your hair have a shiny touch. Don't place near roots or you can geta greasy look to your hair.

Heat Protectant - you should put this on the ends of your hair whenever your hair is exposed to heat i.e blow drying and straightening your hair. Kerastase is a high end hair suppliers but Aussie is cheap and drugstore.

Hairspray - this is a vital nessesity to have in your drawers boots has huge bottles that will guarented last you atleast 4 months for people who use a lot everyday but those bottles last me about a year.

Comb&Hair brush - if you don't have a hairbrush or comb your hair gets knotty and horrible looking so thats quite an obvious one.

Hair Clips - if you have layered hair having a clip to seperate your hair when your doing straight or curly hair is very useful thing to have, they are found everywhere.

Bobbles - you need a hair bobble for nearly every updo, a vital nessesity.

Bobbi Pins - hair up or down you'll need some pins for a pretty braid or to keep your hair under control.

Hair dryer - another obvious one, you can go out with wet hair but it's easier to style your hair if its dry.

Conditioner&Shampoo - in the shower you might need to wash your hair when it's greasy if so I reccomend some inexpensive Aussie shampoo and conditioner because it smells luscious and lasts a long time too. Only use conditoner on your ends otherwise you'll get greasy hair quicker.

Lots of Love Jadeey xx

Karen Guillian (Amy Pond): Her Make-Up Look

Want a neutral look for pale skin Karen is the one who should inspire you. She has "perfect" skin no blemishes and natural pouty lips, i'm going to give you some quick tips how to re-create Karen's look:
     Firstly cover any blemishes with a light concealer for example your undereyes and around your nose and any spots noticable.
     Next cover your face in an ivory powder for that photogenic finish.
     Prime your eyelids if you want your look to last all day, she has a slight smokey eye but only covering her lid, so use a dark brown eyeshadow along the bottom half of your lid then with a blending brush gradually stretch it up to the top of your lid.
     For blush she usually wears a rosy pink blush (not in this picture) along her cheekbones.
     finally for her lips she wears a matte lipstick in a light pink colour which is a beautiful natural lip.

If you do try this look out for yourself please send us a picture to our e-mail which is unfortuneately at the moment not able to be in use but when it works again I'll give you a shoutout!


Which Eyeliner?

If you don't know what eyeliner best suits you here are some facts about different liners to help you decide;)

Pencil liner: this is most popular because its very easy to use, I suggest buying a high end eyeliner in any form because it comes very close to eyes (also with mascara). you need to keep your pencil sharp for an accurate line. You should stretch out your eyelid slightly to make it easy to apply a simple line and wing, the line should be on the lash line for a more defined look.

Liquid Liner: this is usually sold in a pretty bottle with a straight applicator brush for easy an application. Liquid liner is used for a richer colour than a kohl pencil. When it drys on your lashline it doesn't smudge unless its exposed to water but I say that and there are waterproof formulas aswell. Do not stretch your eye when applying liquid liner it will make a wierd line.

Hope this helped:)

Love Jade xx

Monday, 29 August 2011

Get Cheryl's Look For Less

Get Cheyl's Look For Less

Love Gabby;)
This dress has the same powerful bottom to it, it springs out and shows personality
Flower dress
$52.50 or £32 -

This dress is more simple and cheaper for those of you who are desperate for the same sassy look but don't want to blow all your cash
Dorothy Perkins yellow party dress
$27.09 or £17 -

These shoes are super stylish but very hard to walk in ;)
Qupid platform pumps
$28 or £17.07 -

For a more daytime look, these fun pumps are perfect
Dorothy Perkins bow pumps
$37.73 or £23 -

If you are looking for a high quality belt which will last a long time, splerge on a pretty neutral belt you know you will where
SELINA bow belt
$82.03 or £50 -

Adds a twist with stripes and is fun a querky for a relaxed look
American Apparel bow belt
$20 or £12.19 -

Excentuate your face for high cheekbones like Cheryl's
Bronze Powder
$8.19 or £4.99 -

If you aren't lucky enough to be as tanned as Cheryl use a more safe sun product like this one
Fake Bake Shimmer Instant Tan Lotion 125ml
$15 or £9.14-

Sunday, 28 August 2011

London inspired look

London inspired look

Great for the retro look, unfortunately there was no prise for these
8c1 circular over sized framed sunglasses (black)

B ho hats add a casual boyish style twist to an outfit
Trilby hat
$23 or £14.07

Fun, cool earrings like these go nicely with the chilled feel of the outfit
Vanilla Ink Peace Stud Earrings
$20 or £12.24

Lots of small bracelets together will create a pretty look without being too over powering
Gold mix pack bangles
$20 or £12.24

A stripey bag can instantly add more texture to a simple outfit
Cul-De-Sac Reversible Tote With Pouch
$24 or £14.69

H&M's preppy style shirts are great for those summer days
$16.31 or £9.99

Every girl wants to feel good and smell good
Country Chic - Fragrance - Bath & Body Works
$30 or £18.37-

White pumps with go with everything in your wardrobe
Aerosoles Alter Ego Laceless Oxford - Red
$20 or £12.24 -

Fun dungarees in a vibrant colour can show real confidence
Short Dungarees
 $40.82 or £25 -

Love Gabs xx
A red polish will fit in perfectly with the colours in this outfit
Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Nail Lacquer
$3.99 or £2.44 -