Sunday, 28 August 2011

25 Good Uses Of Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly)

Buying this product for the first time recently we found out a few beauty tricks using vaseline and needed to share them with you;) We highly suggest this product it was only £2.55 in out local Boots in England. Unfortunately searching on the internet where vaseline may be in the USA drugstores we couldn't find it but if you know if vaseline is sold in the USA please tell us we'll be interested to know.
Here are 25 top tips for vaseline:

1. Coat on eyelashes twice a week to make them grow longer and fuller
2. Use as a foot lotion every night and for extra softness cover with your least favourite socks to get smooth feet
3.Moisturizes dry skin especially elbows and knees, people with echzma can use this also
4.Rub along your cuticles to make them softer therefore pushing them back for that glam nail polish easy
5.Soothes chapped lips, simple as
6.Mix with sea salts or sugars to make an exfoiliating lip/body scrub
7.Put on perfume spots to make perfume last longer
8.Warm up to make a satisfying night gel
9.Make-up remover (smuther on face/eyes then wipe off with a cotton pad)
10.Apply before eyeshadow as a primer for a shiny twist to your dull eyeshadows
11.Apply after shaving for even smoother legs
12.Lubricate ears to help ear rings slide in and out your ear piercing easily
13.Tames eyebrows
14.Before wash conditioning (use before shampoo)
15.Reduces scaling and itching from dandruff
16.Protects new tattoos
17.Hair mask to protect against heat on hair and dying
18.Quick shine on leather shoes and bags
19.Put on wet hair and use a scrunching action to create a beachy hair style
20.Use on dry or split ends in your hair
21.Removes make-up stains from clothing
22.To prevent the top of your nail polish going hard and crusty put vaseline around the outside of it
23.Used as a top coat for newly done nails
24.Remove false eyelash glue from your lash line
25.Put on nice dry and flakey spots before bed

Lots of love Gabby and Jade


  1. Hey, this is really cool! i will deffoo go out and buy 1 for myself :)

  2. I am sure this is sale at USA I SEEN IT!Great post!!New bloog follower!

  3. Thanks so much! and we will check out your blog! ;)