Tuesday, 30 August 2011

August Favourites!

Heey, every month we're going to do a favourites video hope you like them<3

(From left to right)
1. Body Shop Perfume Chymara Eau De Toilette-a cherry scent great for summer
2. No7 Lipstick Cameo-A bright pink lipcolour fo a bight pink girl
3.BarryM Nail Paint Pure Turquoise-bright nails are the finishing touch you need 
4.Pearl Studs-Simple and elegant
5.Floral Sunglasses-Go with anything colourful and bright
6.Clean&Clear Skin Brightening Scrub-An all year round purchase, helps with spot scarring
7.Garnier Summerbody-A gradual tan, smells of apricots, a summer essential
8.Dior Mistique Jade Eye Palette-All the colours you need for an outgoing look
9.Dior Rose Luck & Lucky Pink-A beautiful pink blush for any skin tone
10.Primark White Shorts-Clothing essential and great for hot weather
11.The Ark Red Floral BoobTube-Beautiful top to wear through spring and summer

Lovee Jade xx

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