Sunday, 28 August 2011

Back To School Fasion

Back To School Fasion

If your school has a really strict dress code and your not allowed to wear vibrant colours, patterned tops or big accessories but still want to wear the trends then this set shows the border line of how far you can go with your back to school look!!

Plain navy blue vest but any neutral colour will be fabulous.
H M top
£3.99 -

These are khaki/camel coloured pants which can be found in any clothing store, they go with everything.
Skinny pants
$76 -

Light brown flats with studded bows are a good pair of non fancy but good looking shoes.
Flat shoes
$24 -

Over the shoulder bag is easy and comfortable, make sure you get a bag that holds A4.
Zara messenger bag
$16 -

Simple but elegant, small but outstanding.
Forever21 bead chain necklace
$2.80 -

A delicate piece of jewelery can make all the difference.
Metal ring
£10 -

Snazzy pair of dangles to make a statement.
Forever21 flower earrings
$3.80 -

Nice detailing goes a long way.
Zara braided belt
$15 -

A scarf can "wrap" it up;) To colour up your plain vest.
Miss Selfridge printed scarf
£14 -


Love from Gabby and Jade<3 xx

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