Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bath Bomb Review- Lush

Lush bath bombs are such a treat and in my opinion you can't get much better, they can be pricey so its important to make sure you get the right one so we are here to make your decision a bit easier! :)
Space Girl! £1.90
I tried out these bath bombs and this is what I thought- Space Girl brings colour to your bath, it turns into a beautiful creamy bluey purple, it is also full of a lot of glitter so it will leave your body glimmering! For some people this will be a bad thing but for others it will be good. It doesn't leave any bubbles at all though. I personally think £1.90 is really cheap for a lush bath bomb! It is shaped like Saturn, and smells like Black current sweeties ;)

Think Pink!!-£2.35
If you are a girls girl and you love pink and sweet smells, this is the perfect bomb for you! It will turn your water pink and will make your bathroom smell like strawberry bon bons! It is a sweet smell but not too over powering, the water turns soft, and leaves you feeling sleepy and relaxed.

Wow!! This bomb was definitely my favourite so fair! It is so relaxing! and perfect for before bed! I broke mine up because it is quite large and therefore you don't need to use the whole thing in one. The scent is very gentle and it really gives you a pick me up, so if you are stressed at all, this is a wonderful treat! It makes beautiful pink and blue swirls in the bath and just takes you to that comfortable relaxed state, there is also glitter inside ;)
 Yours truely Gabby xxx

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