Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Beauty Essentials

If you are just starting to really get into beauty products and your not sure what you need, here is our list of absolute essentials. Our lives wouldn't quite be the same without them ;)  So starting from the left we have:
Cotton Pads- These can be used for everything and anything e.g taking off make-up and taking off nail polish. You can also buy these from anywhere and they are really cheap!
Body Lotion- It is so important to keep you body hydrated and moisturised, this one from Sanctuary is especially good and if this is maybe a little bit pricey for you get the gift pack where you get three smaller bottles like i did!
Spot treatment- This is something which has saved me many a time, if you suffer from pimples every so often this Witch blemish stick is great and it also will help against scarring from spots.
Cu tips- You can find so many different uses for cu tips, you just have to have them.
Nail polish remover- Not much to say about this except if you love to wear nail polish then get a good nail polish remover!
Face wash- Washing your face twice a day can make the biggest difference to the way you look and feel inside and out.
Tweezers- Get a good pair of tweezers if you want tamed eyebrows and can't afford to get them done professionally.
Make-up remover- It is so important to remover you make-up, because it can lead to breaking out and not very healthy skin.
Face Moisturiser- Clean&Clear do a great drugstore moisturiser, their new Morning Energy line is just amazing, even if you have oily skin that doesn't mean you don't have to moisturise you face! :)
Deodorant- Bit of an obvious one, but to stay fresh and smelling good all day!
Vaseline- Vaseline is an all round essential, there is so many uses, if you are interested check out our other blog post on 25 uses of vaseline:
Headband- Finally it is a good idea to buy a head band which can prevent hair getting into your face while you are washing your face and applying you make-up.

Hope you guys like this post, this post is the 2nd of our "Essentials" post mini series so look out for more ;)
 Love from Gabby xx

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