Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Boots Teatree and Witch Hazel Reveiw

These products were requested by Livy xx i bought six items at my Boots store there is always a 2 for £6 offer so here are my thoughts on each product:
(From left to right)

Peel Off Face Mask: Love Love Love this product if you want to treat yourself this product is for you. Great for unclogging pores and leaves a clean and refreshed feel to your face.

Cleansing and Toning Lotion: Not a lotion for sure but works just as well as any other drugstore cleanser. I would suggest using a different cleanser for night time because the smell and feel is quite strong but easy to bare.

Exfoiliating Facial Scrub: A brilliant scrub to use once or twice a week a highly suggest this product.

Face Wash: It turns into a foamy feel when its pumped out the bottle which is so cool. If you did use this product i reccomend a face moisteriser to go with it because the wash closes up your pores but is quite a dry feeling so I wouldn't suggest this product to dry skin types.

Spot Treatment: I'm going to go right out there and say it, not a good spot treatment at all, it doesn't work and doesn't last. A high is I like the idea having on one side the day treatment and the night on the other side.

Night Treatment Gel: This is by far our favourite product it's such a nice "thing" to put on your face before going to bed after applying your cleanser.

All these products smell the same which is a very clean smell<3

Lovee Jade xx


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