Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Hair Essentials

Here are some examples high end and low end of hair essentials you'll need:

Hair Straightners - you can also do curls with this
hair iron, Saks ceramic or the more famous Ghd's straightners are ones I highly suggest.

Dry Shampoo - this product is a life saver for a
rushed morning or a quick clean up for "second day hair". Despite the name this should not be replaced
by your every wash shampoo.

Shine serum - to make your hair have a shiny touch. Don't place near roots or you can geta greasy look to your hair.

Heat Protectant - you should put this on the ends of your hair whenever your hair is exposed to heat i.e blow drying and straightening your hair. Kerastase is a high end hair suppliers but Aussie is cheap and drugstore.

Hairspray - this is a vital nessesity to have in your drawers boots has huge bottles that will guarented last you atleast 4 months for people who use a lot everyday but those bottles last me about a year.

Comb&Hair brush - if you don't have a hairbrush or comb your hair gets knotty and horrible looking so thats quite an obvious one.

Hair Clips - if you have layered hair having a clip to seperate your hair when your doing straight or curly hair is very useful thing to have, they are found everywhere.

Bobbles - you need a hair bobble for nearly every updo, a vital nessesity.

Bobbi Pins - hair up or down you'll need some pins for a pretty braid or to keep your hair under control.

Hair dryer - another obvious one, you can go out with wet hair but it's easier to style your hair if its dry.

Conditioner&Shampoo - in the shower you might need to wash your hair when it's greasy if so I reccomend some inexpensive Aussie shampoo and conditioner because it smells luscious and lasts a long time too. Only use conditoner on your ends otherwise you'll get greasy hair quicker.

Lots of Love Jadeey xx


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