Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Karen Guillian (Amy Pond): Her Make-Up Look

Want a neutral look for pale skin Karen is the one who should inspire you. She has "perfect" skin no blemishes and natural pouty lips, i'm going to give you some quick tips how to re-create Karen's look:
     Firstly cover any blemishes with a light concealer for example your undereyes and around your nose and any spots noticable.
     Next cover your face in an ivory powder for that photogenic finish.
     Prime your eyelids if you want your look to last all day, she has a slight smokey eye but only covering her lid, so use a dark brown eyeshadow along the bottom half of your lid then with a blending brush gradually stretch it up to the top of your lid.
     For blush she usually wears a rosy pink blush (not in this picture) along her cheekbones.
     finally for her lips she wears a matte lipstick in a light pink colour which is a beautiful natural lip.

If you do try this look out for yourself please send us a picture to our e-mail which is unfortuneately at the moment not able to be in use but when it works again I'll give you a shoutout!


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