Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Selena Gomez: Her Fasion Look

Selena is popular and an idol to so many young girls so she can't make herself look too grown-up but she is 19 and trying to keep up with the trends so I was thinking that this was a great look for teenage girls not trying to be an young girl or young woman.

Having an indigo shirt peeping out through the black, tight fitted blazer looks so chic. A cute puffy skirt brings the child out of you and just looks great on Selena's fair skin

Again black heels from the Disney crew, these are sexy lace ups with a glossy toe and grey, suede sides.

The light grey knee-high socks are a real cute way to to pull your look together and the pink flower on her black blazer adds a pretty splash of colour.

Jade xx

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