Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Storage Tip

Storing all your beauty products can be hard! And i have tried lots of different things, however i was in IKEA and these baskets really appealed to me! I wasn't sure what I was going to put in them but in the end i took off the lid and kept (in the large one) face products (in the medium one) random products and (in the smallest one) cotton pads, cu tips and tweezers. These are great for your bathroom or dressing table, and you really can store anything in them, how about face make-up in the large one, eye shadows in the medium one and eye liners in the smallest one, the possibilities are endless! These are also really cheap as they only cost £5.49! The ones below i found on the IKEA website which i also love and these are only £4.99. Also if you aren't looking to spend money you could use show boxes and maybe even decorate them! :) 
FABLER Box, set of 3, green Love from Gabs xx

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