Sunday, 28 August 2011

Which Lipstick?

Don't know which lipstick to choose from? hope the lighting isn't too bad not to notice these 5 lipsticks are very different by colour and brand.
(From far left, round the back to the front)

No7 Plum (£10.00): This is a super chic lipstick dark enough for a night out look, this will exaggerate a dress in black.

MUA Shade 3 (£1.00):This looks like a bright pink on camera but when its on your lips it's a nice sheer lip colour. I would suggest wearing this as a subtle shine. Btw MUA is exclusive to Superdrug only.

Elf Pink Creme(£1.50): I bought this online because i needed a dark pink colour lip for a night out with the girls but it turned to be a really luscious nearly red colour, if you were looking for a red i wouldn't suggest this lipstick but if you want to experiment with vibrant lips then this is perfect for you. I know Elf Cosmetics is only $1.00 in the States.

No7 Cameo(£10.00): This is my favourite colour its a bright pink lip absolutey gorgeous for walk in the sun or a trip into the city.

Rimmel Sunset(£6.95) This is a plum colour but with a beautiful shine to it with ground up glitters in the stick. This is a nice shimmer for winter.
Lurvvvv Jade!


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