Monday, 5 September 2011

17 Nail Polishes

Heey Everyone!!

Recently I've been loving 17 nail polishes espepciously thepastel collection. Unfortunately the colour selection isn't a wide variety but the colours they have are basic colours. They are £2.99 from my Boots and only Boots I believe. I love the brushes because they fan out and make applying my nail varnish easy and neat, a good selection for someone who is starting a new polish collection. The pigmentation is good for every colour i would suggest 2 coats but 1 is fine if your in a hurry.

From left to right
Pink Grapefruit - I don't know how much I will wear this now that we are moving into fall/winter but over the summer it has gone with all the trends. This is quite a bland colour meaning a lot of brands have the same colour.

Parma Violet- This is probably my favourite polish because its a beautiful lilac colour and literally the first stroke is full on opaque.

Mint Choc Chip- The sky blue colour just reminds me of the summer days that we should be having here in England! GOD that gets me angry....only kidding, but seriously.You wouldn't think this colour would be right any other time than summer but I can see myself wearing this in the cold winter snow days.

Knockout Red- This is a gorgeous red and I've heard it's a dupe for OPI's Big Apple Red! I would wear this out on a date with a cute black dress.

Glitter Topcoat- Ever girl needs a bit of glitter on her nails every now and then, even though it's damn hard to take off!

Peacock- This is a beautiful deep blue with an electric feel to it.

Royal Indigo- This is a gothic dark purple but I really like it it'll be great for the darker, grimmer days.

Orange Soda- I was surprised that I didn't like this colour as much as a I thought I would. But it goes great with this beautiful coral colour I have which used to be my favourite nail colour but it is still up there.

Lilac Storm- I bought this one in my most recent haul, it seems really light and pretty with a metalic touch to it.

Lovingly Wrote by Jade and Gabby xx

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