Sunday, 4 September 2011

Back To School Hairstyles, No2

Rockin' out Selena's simple side braid  will turn a few heads and so easy to do! How to re create this look suitable for school? Well read these tips how to:

1. Firstly I would use a bobble to find the place your braid is going to be, so, find your side parting and put up a side ponytail quite low down, just below your ear. Pull out a few loose strands and voluminous by pulling at your hair out of the bobble.

2. After you've got a loose look undo your bobble but keep your hands around your hair then braid it like you would usually and tie it up.

3. Done? No not yet, to continue the messy feel about this side braid you should pull out your braid a bit more especiously from the top of it so it looks like it gets gradually tighter. Now grip down loose ends you don't want and put in some hairspray till your good to go!

Love From your Friend  Jadeey Babeey!! xx

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