Sunday, 4 September 2011

Back To School Hairstyles, No4

Heey Everyone!
And yes before you say anything this is a head. Kinda cringey but I thought the mannequin had a beautiful hairstyle for school, go plastic beauty!
Re-create this look? SURE!

1. I would do the quiff first thing unfortunately if you have a side fringe or "bangs" then this look would be near to impossible, sorry. Make sure the quiff has height this is the defining part of the look, though I say that and for school you might want it to be a little bit smaller:)

2. Pull up all your hair into a ponytail, this is a clean cut, not messy look so I would suggest doing this with a brush to prevent bumps.

3. Now you can straighten your hair before or now whilst it's in the ponytail I would do this before and after but that's quite naughty and a time waster for school.

Enjoy doing this look!
 Love Jadee! xx

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