Saturday, 3 September 2011

BarryM Nail Paint Review

Hi Everybody!
BarryM, has recently got more popular than every, and they are famous for their in expensive, amazing quality nail varnish's! They do a wide range of colours and although we wish we had all of them these are the ones that we have...(left to right)

Pink Iridescent- This is your basic glittery top coat but I love it because applying this not only on its own but over the top of other vibrant colours can looks amazing, and perfect for that glam finish at parties.

Bright Pink- If your a pink girl what's not to love about this nail paint, its fun, flirty and fabulous!
Turquoise- This is one of my favourite colours! It's like a sky blue and I have been wearing so much over the summer!

Cobalt Blue- This was my first colour from BarryM and yet it is still hot on the shelves now, and this colour is going to be big in the fall.

Blue Glitter- Really cute and quirky, glitter nail varnish can be so hard to take off! So comment below if you want me to do a "Tips on taking off glitter nail varnish post"

Indigo- I love this colour because when I look at it I can't decide whether it is purple or blue! This colour is so pigmented that you only need one coat.

Bright Purple- This is a beautiful colour. That is all that can be said ;)

Raspberry- This colour is a red wine colour, really gorgeous and deep.

Red Glitter- This colour really reminds me of Christmas, and can really perk up any dull outfit.

Black- This is just your standard black! But something everybody needs!

Black Crackle- This isn't for me all of the time but can look really good when it has been done very well. If you want us to review this product more in depth they we would love to, if you want that then comment below!!
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Lovee from Yours Only Jade and Gabs xx


  1. LOVE Barry M!

    nice collection :)


  2. Thanks! and same, there amazing! such a bargin as well! ;) xx