Friday, 2 September 2011

Cothes Essentials

It is really important to have the clothing essentials which you will most likely need all year round, we have put together the items that we feel are necessary for people of all ages ! :)

From the left:
 Little black dress- maybe you have heard the saying "Every girl needs here little black dress" well i think this is totally right, you can't really go wrong with it, as it as black flatters every figure! Mine is from Quiz and I think they are great for party outfits because they are good quality at not that high a price.
Jeans- These essential trousers go with everything and you can't really go wrong with them! There are so many different styles, my personal favourite are skinny, i like my jeans to be stretchy and easy to move in, and mine from Gap are just that!
Colourful vests- Vests can be worn all year round either under things to keep you warm on just on there own or layered, the possibilities are endless!
Denim shorts- These are really just a summer essential and instead of jeans in hot weather!
Black cardigan- A lot of these are about simplicity and you can't get much more simple than a black cardigan!
2nd picture
Black leggings- My black leggings have been my comfort through the winter months and yet i can still wear them in the summer and they won't have gone out of fashion because they are always in fashion!
Waist belt- A waist belt can be the last piece in a jigsaw puzzle, they can transform an outfit, and they are also super flattering!
Joggers- I love my joggers for lazy days and days that you don't have to go out in, they are so comfortable!
Colourful scarves- Scarves can be so fun and can spruce up a dull outfit so why not go all out like me and buy one with loads of patten and loads of tassels ;)
Tube skirt- These may not be a true essential but for me it is, tube skirts can look really expensive even if it is very cheap, they are great for flattering and go with loads of different tops!
Hoodie- Warm and cosy, thats all i can ask from a hoodie but i couldn't live without it! Not exactly a fashion statement but they can be fun as you can design your own on!!
Thanks for readin guys, Gabby :D xx

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