Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Hair Products of the Minute

Hi Everybody!
Just wanted to let you all know the hair products I am using at the moment most days on my hair! And give you a hint on the products I recormend! ;)

From the left to right:
1. Charles Worthington's Brillient Shine salan results shampoo £5.10- I love this! It's a really unusual bottle shape but I like that, it really does make my hair shine gorgeously! When I use it I really do feel like my hair is having a deep clean and it lathers nicely.
2. The body shop's olive glossing conditioner- £5.00One of the best conditioners I have ever tried, my hair comes out of the shower feeling very smooth and its not too harsh plus I love the olive scent!
Aussie dual curl defining+shine mousse- This is a great product for me because I use it when I get out of the shower (when my hair is wet) and because my hair is already wavy this just defines them and makes it so my hair doesn't go frizzy, it is great for the scrunched up messy look. What I do is flip my hair over, put the mousse on my hands and scrunch it into the end of my hair. This makes my hair dry non frizzy.
Batiste dry shampoo mini bottle £1.51- Lovin this product! It is a new find of mine and once I have used up this bottle I am defiantly going to go out and buy the bigger size. It is just great to spruce up the "second day hair" and it works really well! 

Hope you guys liked this post!! 
Bundles of love Gabby ;)<3


  1. I love the Batiste Dry Shampoo. I currently really like the scent in Tropical :).

  2. Ooo thanks i will probably get that when I buy the bigger bottle<3