Saturday, 17 September 2011

How To Look Your Best In a Photograph

Hi Everybody!
I know that I really don't photograph well! But here are some tips that I have found useful while in front of the camera to help you if you are the same.

-Brush your hair quickly in case it's sticking up and check that you don't have anything stuck in your teeth.

- Don't stand straight on to the camera turn your body slightly to one side, but keep your head facing forwards for a more natural pose.

- Don't look directly into the lens, look slightly to the side instead- this will help to avoid "red eye".

- Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth, lift your chin slightly as though you are stretching to look over a high garden fence and smile. This way you will avoid any unflattering shadows.

- If your photographer is using a flash widen your eyes a little just before the picture is taken so you aren't caught with yours eyes closed.

- Try not to stand with your back to the light. You will appear in silhouette, which will defeat the object.

- People always look good in a photograph when they are laughing, try to this of something funny just before the shot and you'll be caught at your best possible moment!

Love gabby x

Hope this helped you guys! Look forward to another post soon!! ;)