Sunday, 25 September 2011

How to wear your stage make-up?

Heey Everyone!!
Recently I have been in a show at the Derby Playhouse, it was soo much fun but a lot of hard work. I thought it would be fun to show you how to wear your stage make up. The make-up you have to wear on stage has to be bright and noticeable for the lights to reflect your face.

Cover your face in foundation to hide all of them noticable blemishes because you are doing a performance in front of a lot of people and you don't want a bright red spot on the tip of your nose to be seen.
Secondly a whole load of bronzer so you look vaguely orange but that won't stand out too much on the stage luckily, also I'd suggest going down your neck and shoulders too so you don't look like you've just done your face because thats not pretty ladies!
Next up, your bright pink busher, rosy cheeks is super cute but don't look too dolly.

Now the colour make-up you'll be shocked that I had to wear something quite so cringey, red lipstick and blue eyeshadow. Yes also known as clown make-up I'd say, though the best thing about your show make-up is the GLITTER I used 17 glitter liner all along the top of my lash line then nearly half way into the bottom lash line, a sexy slightly curled wing line and then I put glitter dots on my temples then rubbed them in to make a pretty glitery shine around your eyes.

Lots of love Jade x


  1. Very cool! :D Stage makeup is so interesting to read about :)

  2. Hi Jade,
    Are you an actress? Congratulations on finishing the play. I loved watching the talent on stage but have not been to one recently. I agree with Confetti_hearts, it is very interesting to learn about stage makeup. I would imagine it must be alot more long lasting.

    Take care,