Monday, 5 September 2011


Heey Everyone!c
Everybody needs their shades of lip glosses. I started out with a gorgeous lip gloss that I have now repurchased 3 times and it's super cheap. Lip glosses were the first things I put on my lips, they are great for school, work and everyday. Here's a few of my lip glosses I choose high end, low end and as many different shades! Hope you enjoy! ;)

From top to bottom-
Clinique Number 2 Tender Heart- For starters I need to point out that I bought this a few years ago so I don't know if it still going to be available. It smells like sweets which is obviously a great bonus, it's quite a light brown but easy to wear for everyday.
Boujour Paris Rose Chrome- Again bought a while ago, he smell doesn't appeal to me but its not ghastly. the applicator is a brush which makes it so easy to apply. the colour is a shimmery bronze for a night out look.
Natural Collection Raspberry Ripple- this smells lush like raspberry flavoured sweets. This is a proper Barbie pink colour but very sheer, suitable for school and work, but I'd keep i with you because you need to touch Natural Collection Cherry drop- This smells like fizzy sweets, this is a darker pink colour with loads of glitter, not everyday but a nice party gloss.
Smashbox - Unfortunately they don't have names, I hate these glosses which is a shame because they are expensive and the packaging is devine, the top. I'm not kidding when i say this or exaggerating orange is the closest colour I can describe to this gloss.
Smashbox- This is basically a lighter, more glittery version of the 1st one, i smells surprisingly similar to the medicine calpol.
Natural Collection Sherbet Fizz- This is a beautiful colour of hot pink with some sheer tone to it, it you apply this on your lips 3 times it becomes quite an opaque hot pink, if you apply it once its a more neutral everyday look.
Natural Collection Fondant- This is a neutral, for some reason I don't like the formulation of this lip gloss but if you apply the colour without mushing your lips together afterward (if that makes sense) then the colour comes off quite nice, it's very matte so if you want a shine to it I suggest putting a clear gloss over the top.
Miss Sportys Kiss Me- This is my only voluminous lip product because the size of my lips are perfect for my liking. This is a dark dusty pink, with glitters which are subtle enough for everyday but voluming your lips isn't an everyday need. Surprisingly the scent that I smell is the unexpected vaseline night treatment gel or cough sweets, but if I'm totally that really isn't a good thin for me.
Maybeline Strawberry Carats- this is one of my favorite glosses, it's water proof, he formula is non sticky and the applicator is slanted to make an easy application. This is a deep pink colour with gold sparkles which makes a lovely New York loo, unfortunately the last time I looked the water shine collection from maybeline wasn't there but please tell me if you have seen it because I love this gloss so much!

Love For You by Jade xx

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