Thursday, 1 September 2011

Make-up Essentials

This is a lot of make up you might be worrying about but I have a small selection of high and low end stuff for you all to try;) Also if there is anything in particular you would like me to do a review on then just comment below!
 If you look at the last picture this is the picture I'm referring to, the top two pictures are just a closer look.
(From left to right as always)

Eye liner: Cheapest one I could find in Body care for less than a pound, decent but nothing brilliant

Mascara: Miss Sporty about £4 when I bought it this one is the curling one

3 different lip glosses: I have these different coloured lip glosses all of them from Natural Collection costing only £1.99!! (Left-Right) Fondant,Cherry
Drop and Raspberry Ripple

Lipstick: I lived a long time doing make up without a lipstick so no worrying about that one too much but I'm showing a bright pink and sheer plum colour both from No7 and both £10

Eye shadow palette: I suggest getting a coloured palette instead of single eye shadows because then you have more colours for your money

Bronzer: pick this up in the summer for an all round summer glow

Powder: Use this every day on top of your foundation or tinted moisturiser to put a nice finish on your face

Blush: A cute pink rosy cheek is proper professional

Lip Balm: If your not into much colour on your lips but want a shine my only recommendation is a balm or clear gloss

Foundation: Vital for your face to cut out any blemishes, to really hide your flaws then you can show off your beauty qualities

Concealer: If your prone to spots, blackheads or bad under eye circles then you'll want to specially clear that up if not then you'll be fine with just a foundation

Eye Palette: Again a palette not a single eyeshadow but this one from No7 is very neutral and good for a smokey eye

Also I hadn't mentioned it before but the four palettes in the middle are from Dior

Love From Jadeey Babeey xx

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