Monday, 5 September 2011

Nails Of The Day 05.09.2011

Heey Everyone!
This is something new hope you like it!

No7 Milan is probably one of my favourite nail polishes and I have used quite a bit up unfortunately:)
It is a dusty pink colour with a beautiful glitter sparkle which is great because I love glitter and it's easy to take off!

Hope you like the sample and tell me if you go out and buy it or have it already.
Excuse the crack in my index fingernail.

Lurvvv Jadeeyy xx


  1. I absolutely adore this polish! It is such a gorgeous colour, and stays on really well. I have it on my toe-nails at the moment! Absolutely in love.

  2. It really is soo nice! and thanks for the comment! xx