Friday, 2 September 2011

Natural Collection Review

Heey Everyone!
Natural Collection make-up and polish needs to be given a chance! The eye shadows are pigmented, the lip glosses are luscious and the polishes are proffesonal. Heres a quick review of their make-up range. Btw this post was inspired by Sasha Cinnamon;) Thanks girl!

 (From left to right)
Fondant- this is my least favorite because I thought it would be a great nude but the colour doesn't come out the same as it is in the bottle, but on a plus side it smells like sugared almond sweets.
Pink Velvet- This is a really pretty colour, I thought it was going to be darker on my lips but it turns out just to be a clear glitter gloss, this smells like fruit!!
Rasperry Ripple- This is my favorite of the 5, as you can see i have used nearly all of it, it has the samescent as pink velvet and its just a light, wearable, sheer pink.
Sherbert Fizz- This is your typical hot pink gloss, the scent is mixed amazingly with toffee and cocanut
Cherry Drop- This is a bit darker than the sherbert fizz, but with grounded glitter mixed with it, really good for a night out.
( From far left, round the back to the front, then the middle)
Vanilla/Plum- All of the natural collection eye shadows are surprisingly pigmented seeing as they only cost £1.99! The Vanilla colour looks very yellow but comes out more of a sheer gold and the plum is shiny and pretty.
Rosemary/Thyme- These two colours are very soft and gentle. They would be great for an outside summer look.
Mocha/Latte-This works great for a natural work/school look if you don't use too much of the darker colour.
Starlight/Midnight- This would work perfectly for a simple smokey eye as the grey comes out more silver.
Frost Shimmer/ Aqua Shimmer- You can't get this anymore I don't think if you can please comment;) These are great for a first basic blue eye look because they aren't so pigmented in the old formula which this palette is.
 ( Top to bottom)
Warm- This is the darkest of the three but not dark enough to use as a bronzer. These are all a matte finish. this is the colour I have been using for the summer because it fits my summer shade.

Cool- This is the middle colour of the three this one I've decided is the perfect shade for me. To wear over foundation because it finishes off the look nicely before adding bronzer or blush.

Neutral- As you've probably worked out this is the lightest shade this is a colour for really pale people but I use it if my foundation is too dark for me which at the moment it is.

Sahara Sun bronzing pearls- I have used this time and time again, throughout the summer, but now that it is coming into Autumn I'll be using as a contour colour. This came with a sponge applicator which I didn't find particularly useful because I'd rather use my brushes pre bought.

Pink Cloud Blush- This was the first blush i ever bought, and i am still using it today, it's cheap and compact, but if you want to make a cream blush (if you want us to show you how to create your own cream blush comment below;)) The only only criticisms i can say about this product is if you over did it you could look a bit dolly and i it is a bit powder, as all cheap blushes are.

Porcelain- This shade is way too dark for me personally but the foundation itself honestly does cover your blemishes but doesn't spread quite so good which is why I would definitely suggest using a Natural Collection foundation lighter than your actual skin tone and then even it out with a powder suited to your skin tone. The tube is quite easy to carry around and to have sitting on your make-up table but the nozzle is quite thickly rounded therefore a lot comes out at once I generally use this to make my tinted moisturiser (again if you want me to show you how to make that I will so leave a comment).
(Left to right)
Cosmic Crush- This is in the old packaging because i got it a while back (i hope you can still get this colour), so i never used it, until recently for fall and i loved it when i did, and wished i had been using it all along!
Shimmer Pink- This colour is hard to describe because i thought it would be more pink than it turns out to be but it's actually a pink, sheer glow with glitter bits in it.
Black Cherry- This is a shimmery dark pinky red, its defiantly not your everyday nail polish but good to show off your piggy's! ;)

Everything in Natural Collection is available in Boots in the UK, but I presume you can order online. And everything is less than £2.00!! I would suggest trying out just a few things from Natural Collection, as they are so cheap and good, hope this review helps you decide!

Lurvvvv Jade and Gabby xx

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