Sunday, 4 September 2011

Outfit Of The Day - 03.09.2011

Heey Everyone!
Well yesterday I went shopping and just to show you what I wore and if you want to check out what I bought make-up and others then look at the Birmingham Haul 0309.2011 and also I apologize the pictures are quite bad:/ I had to take them myself what can I say!

 Beaded bracelet with a ribbon:Primark:£1.50 or £2.00
Este Lauder perfume band got at the stall
 Flower Necklace:H&M:Don't know the price I got it about 2 years ago but flower necklaces will be everywhere
 Denim Jacket:Primark:£12
 Brown ruffled belt:Eclipse:£4
 Laced Dress:Magenta:£10
Flamingo Socks:Topshop:£2.00 on SALE
Hope you liked the outfit of the day<3

Lovee Jadee!! xx


  1. also the leggings i bought at primark for £3 and the shoes i wore were just some white pumps from primark £2 x

  2. The belt is really cute!