Monday, 12 September 2011

Rock Muse- Miss Sixty Perfume review

Hi Everybody!! Rock Muse by Miss Sixty (£10.65) was supposedly inspired by rock' n roll spirit and vintage scents. And for a radiant young woman! This smell really does make me feel good! It is the kind of scent that people comment on and is noticeable, it is a mixture between fruity and flowery and I can smell grapefruit and plum but also rose!  Vanilla is definitely in there, and it compliments the Berry's well!One bad thing about this perfume is that it doesn't last all day! It seems to come off fairly quickly, the bottle that i have though is fairly small so I can carry it around in my bag or pocket. Although it is such a beautiful bottle that I do like to have it on display!   I would say it screams Autumn! Also for the price it really isn't bad at all!
Hope this has been helpful!!        

Love Gabriella:)                                                            


  1. No perfume I've ever had makes it through the day. It's so frustrating!


  2. Yeahh! They are a rare find! But most body shop ones do, if you are looking for one that does! :)