Thursday, 1 September 2011

Soap And Glory Review!

I love Soap & Glory and it really has got popular recently becuase people love there 60's style and inventive packaging and names!
SexyMotherPucker Candy Gloss-£8.43
This is a fantastic lip plumber for the first couple of minutes you will feel a slight stinging on your lips but that does go away to give you super plumb lushious looking lips, quite pricey but all the same it really does last and smells gorgeous!
Clean Mary Clensing Milk-£6.15  I really like this product, and when they say clensing "milk" it really does have the same look and its just a bit less watering than milk so thats ok, but i got mine out of a box set which has different pacaging and sometimes becuase it has a screw top it can come out too fast! It really did hydrate my skin, it wasnt that nice putting it on, however i probably would buy this again!
Greatest Scrub In The World-£8 This is a really great scrub and is quite mild so depending on your skin type you can use it everyday! I personally use it 3 or 4 times a week before my foam clenser from witch hazel. You really don't need a lot 2 pea sizes goes a long way.
Daily Sooth Body Butter-£8.42 I love this stuff, smell is divine, doesn't leave me greasy but moistureised
Flake Away- £6.64 Really great sugar scrub, smells great, slightly almondy and it leaves my skin feeling silky and the scent also stays on my skin for hours!
Glam-A-Lot Body Spray- £6.38 This is quite a musky  vanilla rich scent, i actually really like musky scents but i love this one becuase it isn't too over powering and yet it is very distinctive.
Flirtigo spray-on body moisturising mist- £6.38- this product has a really sweet scent, but i find the fact that it is a spray on moisturiser a bit odd, however it is more refreshing that relaxing and it says it is great for after you get out of your shower and yeh i think it is :)
Butter-up deluxe- I really am not keen on the smell of this, it is supposed to smell like oranges but we think it smells like play dough, its a shame because other than that it is good
Hair Supply conditioner- This can either be your basic conditioner which you leave on for 1 minute a day or you can use it once a week for 4 minutes for a more intensive hair repair mask, it did help my hair be smooth and shiney so thats great!
Clean on me shower gel-£2.35 This is just the travel edition but it is really good and lathers nicely leaving a fresh scent upon your body :)
Shower Cap- I love this because it is huge and there is no chance of your hair getting wet under here!

For more reviews just comment below and we would be happy to review anything you guys want! ;)
Gabriella xxx