Thursday, 29 September 2011

Urban Decay Haul!!

Hey Guys<3

So I went to Debenhams last night and was super happy to pick up some urban decay items! So I just thought I would share them with you all!

1. 24/7 glide on eye pencil in zero-  (a simple black), I have been meaning to buy a black eyeliner for a while because the one I have isn't very good. i was considering getting a different colour but I figured if I was going to spend this much on a eyeliner I want it to be a colour I will where all the time. It really does glide on, easy application and a lovely soft pencil.
2.Urban Decay Eyeshadow in UZI- Gorgeous silver glitter eyeshadow, it has small pieces of glitter which I think adds a nice touch. Perfect for a party, so pigmented and great quality, not for everyday use though obviously ;)
3. Mini Urban Decay eyeshadow primer- I have actually never tried this product even though I know it has been raved about a lot! I actually managed to get this little bottle free as a tester which I though was soo lucky! I tried it today and my eyeshadow is still in tact and hasn't budged also my make-up hasn't smudged one bit. Very happy with this product and thinking of getting the bigger bottle. If any of you have had experience with this and want to give me some advice on whether to buy the big bottle please comment below!<3
Close up of the UZI shadow<3 LOVE GABBY xx