Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Vesus Red Jeans Perfume Review

Hi Everybody!
Perfume Review time! Vesus Red Jeans-£15
So to start off this perfume came in a really fun, interesting tin which unfortunately I didn't keep but now I wish I had because you really can use it to store anything!>>> and that is it!
The bottle is super cute, and on the cap there is an image of a lion which I think is really original (see below).
I would personally say this is a summer scent, and it is a mixture of fruit and floral smells.
It actually contains freesia (a type of flower), lily and also weirdly enough a red current! This smell is probably a personal thing so not everyone is going to like it. However I do, it's fairly cheap for a perfume and I like both the fruity and floral side to it! I think it is quite watered out, and diluted and so might not stay on all day which is a down side to this perfume.

Hope this helps in anyway! :) Ask if there is any perfumes you want me to review!

From Gabriella<33

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