Thursday, 1 September 2011

Wha't In My School Make-up Bag?

Heey Everyone!
Here is a qucick post to show you what I might put in my school make-up bag.
1.Small and select black mirror
2.E.L.F eyeshadow brush, if you will be touching up your eye make-up then make sure your using a cheap sponge applicator or a cheap brush in case you lose it same with everything else reeli don't use your high end make-up.
3.Natural Collection Raspberry Ripple Lipgloss a pretty sheer pink perfect for school not too noticable.
4.E.L.F Correcting Concealer bringing a concealer stick is a lot more efficiant than bringing your bottle or tube of foundation, plus you shouldn't need to re-apply foundation all over face.
5.Natural Collection Pressed Powder is to give you a more finished look so this is optional if you want that look all the time.
6.No7 Good Earth Eye Palette is a very good neutral eye palette for if you still want some slight colour like a gark green.
7.Natural collection blush should be a light neutral colour or buy a cream blush for it to last all day then you don't have to bother bringing one.
8.Chapstick or lip balm is so important especiously one with a tint of colour for school, because we atleast have  to stay outside in the majority of cases at my school. 
9.Hair bobbles and Grips are hard to find a place for at school so your make-up bag is pretty perfect.
10.Mascara should only get your eyelashes to be black and fuller in school a volumising one can sometimes be too exaggerated.
11.Eyeliner isn't a nessecity but if you feel like you need it use it! but only along your top lash line.
Blusher/Powder Brush another good thing about cream blush is that you don't need a brush to be filling up your bag space.

This was actually longer than I thought it would be but I still hope it helps remember neutral and simple is the best way to go for school, then you can save your colours for a night out;) 

Love From Jadee!!:) xx