Sunday, 9 October 2011

How To:Tinted Moisturiser

Heey Everyone!!
This is a picture tutorial about how to make your own tinted moisturiser I use this for bronzing my face before applying my foundation it makes a difference for me or you could just use it as your coverage for when you have them good days:)

You Will Need:
Face moisturiser
Cheap Foundation
Grip or Toothpick of some kind
 Firstly add some foundation then around the same amount of moisturiser depending on how much you want I'd start off with a small bit then gradually adding it throughout the making process.
 Mix It Up with your grip.

And there you have it so simple and easy to do and really effective. I've heard you can also use this as a eye primer:)

Hope you liked the post JADE! xx


  1. Very awesome! :D Very quick and easy to do!

  2. I use this technique too!