Saturday, 22 October 2011

How to apply your lipgloss and which is best for you?

Heey Everyone!!
Ever thought about which colour lipgloss suits you and how to apply it easily with one quick slide along your lips? Hope my answer to these questions help:)

Which colour to choose?
-For pale skin: soft peaches, transparent pinks and beige
-For dark skin: orangey, apricot, bright pink or coral colours

How to apply it easily?
-Always keep your lips really soft by using a buffer, scrub or simple lip balm.
-One full coat first then if you fancy a bit more colour go for another but don't do bits at a time otherwise it'll be clumpy and gooey.

Which colour for the event?
-Everyday look, tranparent or pale pink gloss
-Vinyl look, sexy fuchsia
-Night out look, any colour with a bit of glitter
-Wild day look, a red or coral gloss

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