Saturday, 8 October 2011

Katy Perry:Her Make-up Look

Heey Everyone!!
Firstly i want to totally apologise for the really shitty amount of posts I have been doing I have been ill and coursework for school has really been stressing me:( but you should be looking forward to a haul,outfit of the day and nail of the day from me hopefully soon!

Right I thought this was super sexy,funky and Perry. Light face but an obvious cute pink blusher just on the bottom part of the cheek bones.
     To do her lips I always suggest a pink lip liner to get your lipstick right in that perfect shape which is ideal for you, then a cute bright pink lip covering with a gloss or if you want to make this look less (even though that defeat the whole idea) just use a pink gloss.
     She has a sparkly gold eyeshadow just up to the crease but i think she can use a bronzer colour to add more depth to the eyeshadow. Her eyelashes are just fantastic full, long and dark with a think line and wing. I think her eyebrows have been defined too which brings a certainty to the look.

Hope you re-create this look, hope this has inspired you to do so:)
Lovee Jadee xx 

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  1. Love the bright lips with dramatic spidery lashes!