Thursday, 27 October 2011

Massive Haul! 25.10.11

Heey Everyone!!
We went to our local shopping centre (Westfield) and did what girls love to do SHOP!
Soooo let's get into what we bought.

Red is Jade
Blue is Gabby
Black is both

The Ark
Both tops were £14.99 but knowing us we got it in the sale for only £7.50. Obviously this is a summer top but with a cami underneath and a cute jacket on top you'll be toasty...sort of. this is a cropped top with the back clipped on, how funny is that!
The first one
The second one

Both tops were only £8 but yeah reduced from £16 Topshop you are my hate but my love.
These hoodys are literally everywhere I look so I had to get one. I looked for one in The Ark but they didn't have my size and they were nearly £30 which was a price I was preared to spend BUT I w went straight to Topshop...because we saw the Sale sign (oh dear..) saw the top only £22 just not as thick and warm:( Ahhh well:)
First top
Second top

Burgandy Sandal Shoes: Reduced from £5/6 ( not sure) to £2!
Brown Lace-Ups:Reduced from £12 to £3 but wait for it - £1...WHAT!¬
Rudolph Slippers: £5.. but how cute!

Gold Heart Ring: £2 I honestly don't have any rings except one which doesn't fit, so i'm gladi got this one
Long Flower Pendulem:£3 I love long necklaces 

MUA Nail Polish Shade 23:£1 What a beautiful Autumn colour going to wear this all the time and it's actually really good (the picture above is only 2 coats and no topcoat)
Blending Brush: £1.99- You can use tthis as a concealer, eyeshadow or blending brush which I thought was really great! Plus its super soft.

Wow walked into Poundland and saw drugstore products for £1!
N.Y.C. Bronzer: Too dark for my skin unfortunatly but going to use it on some friends
N.Y.C Blush: Not great pigmentatioon however it reminds me of a MAC skin finish
Vital Radience Cream Base: I have never heard of this brand before and tbh won't look out for it because the substance is jelly like so not easy blending and absolutely stinks!

Notebook: £2.00 Random, but I needed a new notebook and any excuse to buy this cute pad :)
Pencil: 30p Not much to say except it matchs my new pad!

Love Jade and Gabby!!


  1. You have nice style!! I love the crop tops!! :)

  2. Love the tops! and that notebook is cute!

    love your blog!

    I followed huns!