Thursday, 13 October 2011

Natural Collection Bodyspray Reveiw

Heey Everyone!!
Me and Gabby bought these a while back and just found them in my cupboard, lol:) So we have been using them recently and have really started to like them here are both of our opinions on each scent we own.
BTW Red =Jade
Blue = Gabby

They cost £1.99 each and are exclusive to Boots stores only! Getting into the scents in a minute, the actual body spray smells don't stay on for that long, they are not like a perfume!:)

Apple and Lime (The green one)
I think the lime comes out more than the apple scent which is neither good or bad to be honest. It's a refreshing morning scent for young to old. A great scent for a night out too because it's not too overwhelming.Very spring type of scent.

This is my favourite of all the scents it's perfect to freshen up throughout the day. I really like the citrus scent. 

Vanilla (The yellow one, sort of)

The vanilla smell is quite strong but definitely not overwhelming in any way, it's a very cakey smell and I think it's a nice scent but not everyday. Actually it is perfect for Christmas!

Unfortunately this is my least favourite of them all I usually love the smell of vanilla but i feel that the scent reminds me of a candle which I wouldn't mind but I don't think it's a very fresh scent. Definitely love or hate item. 

Passion fruit (The purple one)
 This is the most fruity of the body sprays and actually my first ever spray form Natural Collection, very summery and strong but I assume that makes it last a bit longer which is good if you like that sort of smell.

The scent is very pretty and girly it's not freshest of the bunch, but and unusual, nice and fruity smell.

Mango and Papaya (The orange one)
 Again it's another fruity one not as strong but this one is my favourite as you can see I've made a good start on it considering I haven't even started some others:) Not an everyday smell and again very summer/spring.

I love mangoes but not as much as I love this scent, I think mango is an unusual scent choice in most situations but it really does work, what a yummy scent!

Samphire and Sea Minerals (The blue one)
I dislike this scent, not because it's absolutely horrible but it smells like alcohol and can someone tell me what Samphire is?:L
I really like to carry this body spray in my school bag I think it's quite a good day scent but not evening and it smells a bit like alcohol which is the downer for me.

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  1. That sounds interesting. :D I've never heard of this brand before.