Monday, 17 October 2011

Top 10 Min Bags For Autumn!

Heey Everyone!!
So to start off this information is from so if you like what you see in this post you should visit the website an see what they about the bags:)

DKNY Mini Town and Country Crossbody Bag
This bag is so cute it also comes in a light brown two colours that are absolutely great for Autumn fashion. Also J- Lo is apparently a fan of this bag so wear your labels the same as JLo;)
Available At: Harrods or House Of Fraiser  

Mini Dot Fold Over Bag                               
     This Cath Kidston bag is super 
    but personally I wouldn't wear
    this particular because I think
it's just a little bit too old or
Available From: Cath Kidston
Desigual Mini Troquelada
Sorry about the positioning btw Blogger is not making this post easy. I hate this bag and would never ever wear it but I can see the attraction to it. A proper festival chic look and all year round, also comes in green which is a spring or Autumn bag colour.

Available From: Sarenza
Mini quilted bag
This seems like a silly one because it's so obvious but has to be mentioned, a cheap and simple quilted bag is so perfect and select, I chose this bag because it was a beautiful rusty red colour carrying on it's quilted look through the strap.

RRP: £5.00
Available At: Pretty much any store that sells bags such as Matalan do a plain black one
Leather Mini Twist Lock Saddle Bag

An absolute statement of the year type bag don't you think!? This hardback bag with a stiff strap etc is super cute if you went for this colour or orange which i saw then go low on everything else for a casual out and about look otherwise you look like you're trying too hard or just a bit strange.....:) Also comes in black if your not ready to make the bright colour statement.

Available At: ASOS
Daisy Sequin Cross Body Bag
Quite a metallic bag with the sequins and the rusty grey colour but I do kind of like it not my runway accessory but easy enough to wear and is doing that tie a knot in the chain style as well as seen on the quilted bag.

Available At: Monsoon
Rachael Ruddick Prism stud clutch
These clutch bags are absolutely gorgeous and to die for. The studded bags are so rock star and punk but anyone can ear them, great for the cold season coming ahead for us in little Britain.

Available At: Selfridges
Tokyo Work wear Mini Cross Body Bag

This bag is so gorgeous I cannot put it into words its MY FAVOURITE of the selected few because its so simple yet elegant and high fashion. It also comes in a beautiful mustard yellow which looks so office girl.

Available At:Oasis
Cream Spotty Mini Cross Body Bag

Excuse the picture to start. This season fashion designers have proved that spots are hot and are going to be a big see in high street fashion, so pick up this little cutie yeah?
Available At: River Island

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  1. these are all so adorable!

  2. I love the Studded ones from Monsoon!
    They look like they'd add that rock chick look to any outfit!
    Great post!