Monday, 24 October 2011

Heey Everyone!!
This is an amazing new website I found on my search for great but cheaper than retail price cosmetics. They do perfume, cosmetics, haircare, bath and body products and so much more all by popular beauty products.

As you know we do a fair few perfume reviews and on the website the reduced prices are great:
Miss Sixty, Rock Muse: RRP - £19.50: Reduced - £8.08!
Versace Red Jeans: RRP - £22.50: Reduced - £12.55!
Burberry Touch 50ml: RRP - £44.50: Reduced - £24.50!

A few examples of well known make up brands:
Urban Decay Eyeshadow: RRP - £12.50: Reduced - £4.95!
L'Oreal Concealer Minerals: RRP - £7.99: Reduced - £3.95!
Dior Addict Lipstick: RRP - £21.50: Reduced - £17.92!

Some lovely skincare reduces:
Clarins Hydroquench Cream Mask: RRP - £31.00: Reduced - £20.95!
Juicy Couture Dirty English Aftershave: RRP - £30.00: Reduced - £4.70! OMG
Clinique Clinical Dark Spot Corrector: RRP - £38.30: Reduced - £32.50

And it has so much more to give:) I know it's coming up to Christmas and nobody wants to pay a lot of money for something they're not going to keep so why not look like the good friend, mother or sibling without paying full price!Go for it people.

Posted to you by Jade:)

Sorry about the whole "black n white" post but I hope it's a gooden.

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