Monday, 28 November 2011

Which bodysprays am I into at the moment?

Hey Everybody :)
I love body sprays! Partly because they are very cheap compared to perfume and they are easy to carry around with you (won't break) and there is soo many fun varieties to choose from! :) They also make great stocking fillers and just a little side Christmas present because they are always so lovely to receive!
So I picked out my favourite scents at the moment so you can have a look and maybe look out for them yourselves!
 Impulse Very Pink- This scent is so girly and fun I love it (if a scent can be fun, but you know what I mean), it's defiantly a flirty scent, and settles really nicely + it lasts.
 So...? Superstar- I have had many So...? scents in the past but this one is my favourite, I am nearly out, I made it last though! ;) This scent can overwhelm, so I don't think you need much because then you get a yummy subtle scent.
Charlie Essence- This reminds me of most of the Charlie scents, so it's not that different considering it's New. But I love the smell of all the Charlie scents so if you like them then you will like this! I love the bottle, and it has a really fruity scent!

Hope you liked this post :)
Love Gabby<3

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Beauty Stocking Stuffers! But whilst being creative?

Heey Everyone!!
This is a brilliant video I found on youtube and if you hadn't seen it before you really should watch it now, it's showing you how to make cheap gifts into giftsets that you created yourself, you can use this tips and tricks and mould them into your own ideas. On another post i'll show youu my interpretations because I will definately be using this idea.

Love Jade!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Nail Art Videos

Heey Everyone!!
Firstly I should mention that this idea came from A Thing Of Beauty's blog she did a make-up collection video post and it was really interesting you should check her out!Anyway... I thought I'd show some cool Nail Tutorial Videos from youtube because I really can't do nails all that well, so why not learn some tricks that I like??:) Hope you like them it's one of many I'm sure. I'll try to pick out some o the easier ones so we can do them too, maybe you'll see soome attempts?

I am actually subscribed to IHaveACupcake and cutepolish who both do loads of videos and they are all really good these are a few of many of my favourites:

This one is by cutepolish it's super super cute, I need a yellow nail polish like hers!

Soo Christmas like! Even i could do this...just might yaa knoww, wish I had longer nails:(

i know this is Halloween but if you used light blues and white etc it could be real cute for christmas! Or just funky for a night out
Love Jade, I hope you enjoyed it guys! I love nail art xx

Monday, 21 November 2011

Buying Presents...for Her!NUMBER 5

Hey Everybody!
Time for the fifth present idea! Hope you are enjoying this mini series leading up to Christmas!
How about this gorgeous Lush Set! Just think who doesn't love Lush? This is the "can't go wrong" kind of present! I love this particular set, because it is exclusive to Christmas and I love anything that is limited edition which you can't get all year round and its glow in the dark!! It cost £18.95 and you get inside:

  • 100g Jilted Elf shower jelly

  • 100g Snow Globe soap

  • Australian Igloo sugar scrub

  • Sparkle Toothy Tabs

  • 100g Glogg shower gel

  • How yummy are all those things, so I hope this has given you some Lush ideas for Christmas presents ;)
    Love Gabby xx

    Sunday, 20 November 2011

    My Everyday Essential Face Products!

    Hey Everybody!
    I just wanted to show you my everyday items for my face! So I hope you like this post :)

     So (Left to Right) we have:
     Boots TeaTree+Witchhazel Foaming Face Wash,
    Clean&Clear skin energising daily facial scrub,
    Clean&Clear skin brightening daily faical moisturiser,
    Neutrogena oil-free make-up remover,
    Boots TeaTree+Witchhazel cleansing and toning lotion.
     The face scrub is very refreshing and wakes me up every morning, you can use it daily unless you have very sensetive skin. The foaming face wash I like to use either after my scrub or in the evening becuase it is quite soothing and make your face lovely and soft!
    Firstly I wana say the moisturiser smells amazing, works well. The Neutrogena make-up remover really gets every last scrap of make-up off before bed, but when it gets in your eyes it can sting! Finally the cleansing lotion i use every night and helps fight spots becuase of the TeaTree which is why I love the TeaTree+Witchhazel range so much, plus it's super cheap, if you want to see a full review on that click the link here to see the post Jade did :)

    Love from Gabby X

    Buying Presents...ForHer!!NUMBER 4!!

    Heey Everyone!!

    There are so many make-up gift sets around at the moment but I htought I'd choose something excellent but cheap and something we all know and love...E.L.F!

    Here is the link to all their new christmas range:

    My Favourite is The Make-up Collections

    Makeup Collections
    loads of colours for all skin tones and come in three different sizes so in three different price ranges but all fantastic and cheap.

    Small: £15.00
    Medium: £25.00
    Large: £35.00

    Posted To You By Jade!!xx

    Saturday, 19 November 2011

    Buying Presents...For her!NUMBER3!

    Heey Everyone!!

    Another quick present option for them girls youu know out there who really do love make-up, like really really love it.

    A Vannity Case
    Beautify - Professional Aluminium Cosmetics & Make up Beauty Case Pink
    This is from Amazon and on sale at the moment i'll do the link below but it's only £19.99! Serisously go get it! I thought this would be a great gift idea because it's not an essential and it's so useful and your friend, sister or girlfriend will get so much use out of it but what makes it even better is that it's not an everyday purchase and not many girls will be able to splurge on one of these at random times and it's PINK! And so, so stylish don't you think?! It has loads of compartments too so great organisation for your make-up or whatever else you might want to put in there.

    Hope this helped, Jade xx

    Buying Presents...For Her! NUMBER 2

    Hey Everyone! :)

    Time for the next present idea! So it is the Frontcover Brush Work Nail Art Kit. £20.00 from Boots.
    I think this is soo cool, you can see on the front and inside the amazing designs you can do! It is also in the 3 for 2 range at Boots now, so get in there because it is such a nice present to receive, and if you are like me you want to get your Christmas shopping down early ;)
    Love from Gabby!Xx

    Friday, 18 November 2011

    Buying Presents...For her!NUMBER1!

    Heey Everyone!
    It's Jade here and I don't know about you but I really struggle around this time of year to find presents for my friends and family so me and Gabby have decided everyday we'll put up an item that we found,bought or something that just caught our eye that we think is suitable for your present receiver. The person you'll send to will be in the title for instance...For Her or ...For Him...Yeahh not much else, haha. We will try to get in make-up, nail polish and clothing but also some non related items too another thing we will try to do our best in finding great bagains like that, so be expecting quite a few posts for this, HAPPY SHOPPING!

    Okaay, I wasn't going to do one but then I was watching voussontbeauetebelle on youtube it was her October Faves video and I saw this:

    Topshop Nails - Eyes Of Steel
    Its basically like a metalic silver with purple undertones, atleast thats what it looked like to me:') i think the packaging is o friendly, if that makes any sense??? I don't know. All the Topshop Nail Polishes are £5 which I think is good until I look at how much you get in the bottle but I've heard the quality is very good and the brush is easy to use, which is a massive help for me.

    JADE xXx

    FALSIFEYE false lash effect mascara review

    Hey Everybody!
    Just wanted to review this mascara which I have been using for a while, first of all I really like the look of it, I think its really different and a stand out bottle!
    The mascara itself is good, not brilliant because it does make your eyelashes clumpy which isn't what I like that much, but if you like that look then this is great :) The brush is nice and big! and really thickens and lengthens your eye lashes. This mascara is only £6.49 which obviously isn't a lot, so it's as good a mascara as you expect for that price, if not better!


    Tuesday, 15 November 2011

    October Favourites!!

    Heey Everyone!!
    And yes. I do realise how late this is but ohh well:)
    The cute woolly hat was from Primark, love the bobbles!
    Mango Whip Body Lotion from The Body shop!
    Rimmel London Lipstick in Airy Fairy!
    Maybelline Stiletto in Brown Mascara!
    The Original Ghost Perfume!
    Urban Decay Loose Eyeshadow in Shag!
    BarryM Nail Paint in Raspberry!
    Heart Gold Ring from Muse!
    Mango Whip Body Lotion from the Body shop - This smells absolutely divine mango is my absolute go to flavour in The Body shop because its so nice and alluring. the lotion is ever so moisturizing.
    Ghost Perfume - This was never my  favourite scent but recently I have started to like musky, forresty scents speciously for Autumn/Winter. The perfume seems to last up to about 3 hours which for a perfume isn't too bad. 
    Gold Heart Ring from Muse - This was bought most recently towards the end of October but I have wore it nearly everyday after that. Goes with anything.
     Maybelline Stiletto Mascara - I seem to have been wearing this everyday speciously useful for school because your not allowed to wear a lot of makeup, unfortunately. The length and fullness of my lashes are so luscious and hot.
    BarryM Nail Paint in Raspberry - This is a Burgundy type colour I have recently learned to wear a dark brown or other colour underneath maybe even black to make it a sexy deep red colour instead which is nicer and more Autumn, be doing this until I find one which actually is dark red.
    Rimmel Lipstick Airy Fairy - This is a light pink with purple undertones colour and on my lips with my skin tone ( quite pale ) works so well for me. I wear this everyday or my new Collection 2000 Lipstick. See in my favourites atm.
    Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation - Is a new but my absolute favourite and everyday foundation, it's the most expensive foundation I have ever bought at around £8 but it is worth your money if your thinking in investing in this product because its great coverage, small and compact. The texture is so nice against my skin making it soft I wear this in Ivory, ridiculous? NO haha.
    Urban Decay Loose Eyeshadow in Shag - b-e-a-utiful. A cute copper color for your eyes everyday use but I use it when i'm going out buit casually. Like £20:/ Got it in the Giveaway that I won.

    Monday, 14 November 2011

    My Favourite....ATM No.1

    Heey Everyone!!
    This is going to be a new thing maybe do this post every week or when I'm just stuck for ideas or when something they all change quite a bit, if nothing changes within one category I won't bother doing it:) They are all my favourite products and things I know about or have atm ( at the moment ) hope you like these ones!

    My Fav:
    -Lip Combo: Straight on Rimmel London Lipstick in Airy Fairy

    -Eye Combo: No.7 Good Earth Palette, Maybelline Stiletto Mascara in Brown and Miss Sporty Eyeliner Black


    -Cheeks: Rimmel London Blusher:

    -Foundation: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Ivory:

    -Hairstyle: Down with a grip tying back one side a bit:/:
    Like AllThatGlitter21 in this picture BUT with natural hair down:

    -Clothing Item: Maroon Hoody from Topshop:

    -Jewellery: Gold Heart Ring from Muse:

    -Body Product: Mango Body Butter from Bodyshop:

    -Nail Varnish: BarryM Nail Paint in Raspberry:

    -Song: Jar Of Hearts by Christina Perri

    Hope this was okaay! Please enjoy these posts in the future!
    Love JADE! x

    Sunday, 13 November 2011

    No7 Nourishing Nails & Cuticle Care Review

    Hey Everyone :)
    Got a quick review for you today, hope you enjoy x

    So No7 Nourishing Nail & Cuticle Care, is only available in Boots and costs £7 but if you buy it with a No7 £5 voucher (which seem to be everywhere at the minute!) then it comes down to only £2.
    Firstly I would like to comment on the fact the tube is not actually that big so you don't get a lot of product for £7 in my opinion but £2 deffo makes it a bargain. It has the texture of body lotion and has a simple scent. 
    (scroll down)
     It strengthens your nails and softens your cuticles so I use it before pushing them back.
      I like the applicator because you don't get too much out which would be a pain. I would buy this products again definitely if I had voucher (which btw you get free if you spend £5 in Boots) but if you have been looking for a really good cuticle cream for ages and are willing to spend £7 then I would say go for it.
    Love Gabriella x

    Wednesday, 9 November 2011

    Urban Decay Glitter Liner V.S Colletion 2000 Glitter Liner

    Heyy Everyone! :)
    I just wanted to compare two glitter liners that have a big price difference but are they really that different in the product itself?
    (Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner- Spandex)
    (Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner-Hustle)
    Scroll down to see what I think..

    So after one layer of the Urban Decay Liner you get what you would get with two layers of the Collection 2000 one. The Collection 2000 liner is purple and it really comes out that colour, but the Urban Decay liner doesn't come out the blue colour it looks like outside the bottle. There is mostly blue glitter though, the glitter granules are bigger than the Collection 2000 ones, which is obviously personal preference. The Urban Decay liner is £13, where as the Collection 2000 one is only £2.99!! So its up to you weather you would spend the money, hope the swatches help! :)
    Love Gabby Xx

    Sunday, 6 November 2011

    Bargains Found!

    Hey Everybody!
    I am constantly looking for bargains and a lot of my favorite make-up products come from brands which you wouldn't think would be absolutely AMAZING! So here are my favourite buys with the most expensive being £2.99! :O

                                 MUA Eye shadows (£1.00) (available only in Superdrug stores)-
    These eye shadows are some of the most pigmented I have ever tried! I would pay a lot more for these. They also have a lovely range of colours and I am so into MUA, as is Jade! Jade actually tried out one of the nailvarnishs in our recent haul which is also amazing! Btw the shadow on the left is Shade 4, and on the right is shade 12.

    Collection 2000 Dazzle Me! (Pigments) (£2.99)  

    These pigments are so great because you get such a lot. Other pigments I have are more expensive and you don't get as much so I was really impressed that these are so cheap when they will last you forever. The colour I have is Hazydaze, a stunning silver.

                          Natural Collection Pressed Powder (£1.99) (Available at Boots only)
    This powder is what I use everyday over the top of my foundation, it does what any expensive powder would do, sets my foundation and stops the appearance of oily skin or shine. I have tried loads of powders and this one defiantly is my ultimate favourite!

    Hope you guys liked this bargain post! When I find more great deals I will be sure to let you know about them ;)
    Love Gabby!