Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bargains Found!

Hey Everybody!
I am constantly looking for bargains and a lot of my favorite make-up products come from brands which you wouldn't think would be absolutely AMAZING! So here are my favourite buys with the most expensive being £2.99! :O

                             MUA Eye shadows (£1.00) (available only in Superdrug stores)-
These eye shadows are some of the most pigmented I have ever tried! I would pay a lot more for these. They also have a lovely range of colours and I am so into MUA, as is Jade! Jade actually tried out one of the nailvarnishs in our recent haul which is also amazing! Btw the shadow on the left is Shade 4, and on the right is shade 12.

Collection 2000 Dazzle Me! (Pigments) (£2.99)  

These pigments are so great because you get such a lot. Other pigments I have are more expensive and you don't get as much so I was really impressed that these are so cheap when they will last you forever. The colour I have is Hazydaze, a stunning silver.

                      Natural Collection Pressed Powder (£1.99) (Available at Boots only)
This powder is what I use everyday over the top of my foundation, it does what any expensive powder would do, sets my foundation and stops the appearance of oily skin or shine. I have tried loads of powders and this one defiantly is my ultimate favourite!

Hope you guys liked this bargain post! When I find more great deals I will be sure to let you know about them ;)
Love Gabby!


  1. I really like the silver shadow!