Friday, 18 November 2011

Buying Presents...For her!NUMBER1!

Heey Everyone!
It's Jade here and I don't know about you but I really struggle around this time of year to find presents for my friends and family so me and Gabby have decided everyday we'll put up an item that we found,bought or something that just caught our eye that we think is suitable for your present receiver. The person you'll send to will be in the title for instance...For Her or ...For Him...Yeahh not much else, haha. We will try to get in make-up, nail polish and clothing but also some non related items too another thing we will try to do our best in finding great bagains like that, so be expecting quite a few posts for this, HAPPY SHOPPING!

Okaay, I wasn't going to do one but then I was watching voussontbeauetebelle on youtube it was her October Faves video and I saw this:

Topshop Nails - Eyes Of Steel
Its basically like a metalic silver with purple undertones, atleast thats what it looked like to me:') i think the packaging is o friendly, if that makes any sense??? I don't know. All the Topshop Nail Polishes are £5 which I think is good until I look at how much you get in the bottle but I've heard the quality is very good and the brush is easy to use, which is a massive help for me.


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