Saturday, 5 November 2011

The NEW 17 Magnetic Nail Polish!

Heey Everyone!!
This is such a want, I know these haven't been out for too long so I thought I would show everyone these new 17 nail polishes.
 Basically they are these magnetized polishes, you coat your nails once in the polish then you use the lid ( which is the magnetized bit ) against your nails and it pushes and moulds a new colour/decoration on your nails which then comes up looking like the picture above. I got the picture off google images btw but i wish they were on my hands!

They also come in the colours : Gun Metal, Lilac, Blue and Teal. My favourite has got to be Lilac. I know other nail polish brands do this as well like nails inc. they only cost £5.99 which isn't too bad but apparently it chips within the first three days but hopefully they are worth my money because I am getting a bottle.

Love Jadee!

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  1. I tried a magnetized nail polish but I failed D: