Sunday, 20 November 2011

My Everyday Essential Face Products!

Hey Everybody!
I just wanted to show you my everyday items for my face! So I hope you like this post :)

 So (Left to Right) we have:
 Boots TeaTree+Witchhazel Foaming Face Wash,
Clean&Clear skin energising daily facial scrub,
Clean&Clear skin brightening daily faical moisturiser,
Neutrogena oil-free make-up remover,
Boots TeaTree+Witchhazel cleansing and toning lotion.
 The face scrub is very refreshing and wakes me up every morning, you can use it daily unless you have very sensetive skin. The foaming face wash I like to use either after my scrub or in the evening becuase it is quite soothing and make your face lovely and soft!
Firstly I wana say the moisturiser smells amazing, works well. The Neutrogena make-up remover really gets every last scrap of make-up off before bed, but when it gets in your eyes it can sting! Finally the cleansing lotion i use every night and helps fight spots becuase of the TeaTree which is why I love the TeaTree+Witchhazel range so much, plus it's super cheap, if you want to see a full review on that click the link here to see the post Jade did :)

Love from Gabby X

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