Saturday, 26 November 2011

Nail Art Videos

Heey Everyone!!
Firstly I should mention that this idea came from A Thing Of Beauty's blog she did a make-up collection video post and it was really interesting you should check her out!Anyway... I thought I'd show some cool Nail Tutorial Videos from youtube because I really can't do nails all that well, so why not learn some tricks that I like??:) Hope you like them it's one of many I'm sure. I'll try to pick out some o the easier ones so we can do them too, maybe you'll see soome attempts?

I am actually subscribed to IHaveACupcake and cutepolish who both do loads of videos and they are all really good these are a few of many of my favourites:

This one is by cutepolish it's super super cute, I need a yellow nail polish like hers!

Soo Christmas like! Even i could do this...just might yaa knoww, wish I had longer nails:(

i know this is Halloween but if you used light blues and white etc it could be real cute for christmas! Or just funky for a night out
Love Jade, I hope you enjoyed it guys! I love nail art xx

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