Monday, 28 November 2011

Which bodysprays am I into at the moment?

Hey Everybody :)
I love body sprays! Partly because they are very cheap compared to perfume and they are easy to carry around with you (won't break) and there is soo many fun varieties to choose from! :) They also make great stocking fillers and just a little side Christmas present because they are always so lovely to receive!
So I picked out my favourite scents at the moment so you can have a look and maybe look out for them yourselves!
 Impulse Very Pink- This scent is so girly and fun I love it (if a scent can be fun, but you know what I mean), it's defiantly a flirty scent, and settles really nicely + it lasts.
 So...? Superstar- I have had many So...? scents in the past but this one is my favourite, I am nearly out, I made it last though! ;) This scent can overwhelm, so I don't think you need much because then you get a yummy subtle scent.
Charlie Essence- This reminds me of most of the Charlie scents, so it's not that different considering it's New. But I love the smell of all the Charlie scents so if you like them then you will like this! I love the bottle, and it has a really fruity scent!

Hope you liked this post :)
Love Gabby<3

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  1. I'll definitely have to try some of these! Thanks for the ideas :)

    I've followed your blog. Hope you can follow back sometime!