Wednesday, 28 December 2011

After Christmas Sale Haul 1!

Heey Everyone!!

Me and Gabriella went shopping in Westfield and this is what I got:

I finally got some military boots I am so happy with these they were reduced in Jonathon James <---I knoww:/ JJ from 16.99 to 13.99 so nothing big but I would have been willing to pay more than the original price to be honest and I was sceptical about the prices because they were quite cheap but I have bought another pair of boots from there before for only £5 and they have still lasted me:)
I'm not sure if I have shown you guys before but I have a burgundy pair of these exact same shoes, actually I think they are in my massive haul or just a random haul and an OOTD so if you follow us regularly you would have seen them, anyway, these are in cobalt blue in Primark for again only £2 from about £5 I think which is just a super deal not long lasting but will be really nice to wear in the summer so I am trying to save them...trying anyway

This blouse looks so pretty tucked into my beige/camel coloured jeans it is from Bershka and the sale was fantastic in there.... £19.99 to £7.99! It has a lot of buttons but it would be nicer if there was a button up to the top but it doesn't but I do love it!:) It would be nice over leggings too I suspect

This was 2 for £20 in West Coast I'll wear it with a vest underneath don't you worry:)

Again 2 for £20 so both this and above was £15 originally. I do like this cardigan a lot will go with anything:)

Love Jade!! Hope you like the hauls:) I'm not bragging either just wanted to share them with you and it's not like I buy anything ridiculously expensive so not much to show off anyway to be honest:)

Love Jade! xxx

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