Thursday, 29 December 2011

After Christmas Sale Haul 2!

Hey Everybody :) its Gabby, when I went shopping with Jade this is what I got in the sale and the cosmetics is what my Mum bought me as a late Christmas present in the sale so anyway lets get into it ... :)
I think these shoes are really cute, they aren't that hard to walk in either because they are wedges! and I got them from Primark for only £6! Bargain ;)
You might know Boots is having a 50% off the Christmas items that weren't bought before Christmas so and my Mum was going to buy me this before Christmas but thought it was a bit expensive, it was originally £16 but half price £8 ;) I have the smokey eye kit from 17 but I'm excited to try the neutral one!
This shirt hasn't come off great in the pictures but it is really gorgeous! It's from Bershka and was £12.99 reduced from £19.99. I had to get the size too big but I like the over sized style of the shirt. It does need tucking in though, but it does look great with leggings and jeans :)

Hope you guys don't mind another haul :) Hope your having a great day!
Love Gabby x

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