Saturday, 24 December 2011


Heey Everyone!!

Am I excited?...Er Heck Yeah! If you didn't know already it has recently been my birthday and I would've got this post up straight away but I did lose my connector thing between the camera and the laptop but I've found it now and since it's nearly Christmas expect a lot of new reviews and probably a Christmas haul if you want one.

Anyway on with the haul!

Yes this is everything I got:') I love my friends and family + £35 Whoop Whoop!

This is all the make-up I got:
2 nail polishes from technic and w7 I think the glitter polish is going to get used in a NOTD:)
Miss Sporty Liquid Eyeliner, I've never used liquid eye liner before I've heard it's hard to use but hopefully I'll get the knack of it soon:)
2 Rimmel Lipsticks, 1 in Vintage No#26 - It's a dusty pink with some shimmery hint in it and Asia No# 77 which is like a dark purple/pink shade matte:)
BarryM Lip gloss shade 12 this is just a light coverage with a tint of pink a lovely neutral gloss colour but I did have a problem with the packaging - which I'll explain more about if it happens again:)
Toffee Kisses lip balm smell too much of toffee but a good lip balm:)
And BarryM Eyeliner which is superb and easy gliding I love it:)

LUSH STUFF! I'll do a review on all these items when I've tried them all out:)
Snow Fairy x2 but I'm certainly not complaining:)
Think Pink it looks dead cute though the smell is a bit overwhelming I'm sure it'll be heaven in a bath tub:)
Shimmy Shimmy I haven't ever tried this one out you glide it across your skin and it adds a bit of shimmer:)

Bomb Cosmetics!? - a review on these too:)
2 Bath Bombs they have no names but that doesn't make the big difference does it:)
2 Soaps each have an amazing scent and crazy patterns:)
Then 4 small bath fizzers I used one of them already it dissolved a bit too fast:)

Other Bath Stuff! I think people are trying to tell me something now.....

Beauty Bathing's Lotion and Shower Gel I have used the lotion and one pump was too much for my leg! But I can change that so it's all goood:)
4 shower Gels but I'll use them in my bath, Lemon, Coconut, Vanilla and Raspberry now very surprisingly Lemon is my favourite scent to get me ready in the morning and it is just clean, you know:)
Pamper Yourself Bath Crystals
Natural Collection Set -
Wild Strawberry Shower Cream and Lotion
Passion fruit Shower Cream and Lotion
Rosemary and Witch Hazel Face Mask
Mango and Papaya Hi-Shine Conditioner
Exfoliating Gloves

Lovely Random Stuff!
Scented Candle in Wild Cherry
Glowing Snowman
Vintage looking tea cup
So...Daring body Spray which I love
Earring Box which is ever so useful
And an awesome hot chocolate mug I am definitely going to be using this all year round:)

A few beads in one wrapped up in this cute bow I do love that it will go with everything..I hope:)
Muse Flower necklace -Funny Story- Gabby who bought this for me, saw me eyeing it in the store then she sneakily bought it without me knowing about it HAHA:) Not that funny....right:)
And an Evolution Necklace I've never looked at the Evolution jewellery but now I will look more often:) It's very tribal which I have been loving recently:)

Clothes I got too!:)

Thanks for going trough this huge Haul:) I love everything I got, I also got a Chili Pepper Body Cream Collection from my boyfriend an a Lush Lip Scrub in Bubblegum which will be involved in the Lush review

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!!

Love Jade!! 

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