Monday, 19 December 2011

MUA review+collection

Hey Everyone :)
If you haven't heard of the brand MUA (Make up academy) which is only available in Superdrug, and everything from their original line is only £1. They are definitely worth trying out in me and Jades opinion. So which are the best and what are they like?...

 White Eyeliner- This eyeliner isn't that easy to glide on, however it does have good colour to it and it has a handy sharpener on the end which is so useful!
Eyeshadows- As you can see below these eye shadows have great pigmentation for only £1! The packaging is quite cheap but I would defiantly say it's worth checking out because of the great range of shades as well as the pigmentation.

 Nail Varnish- we were so happy with the quality of this polish! It only needs two coats and your good to go, plus thins colour is great!

Liptsticks- There lipsticks are really great, they are very smooth and moisturising. Some of the colours can be quite sheer but as you can see the swatches are good for £1. Also the MUA has rubbed off on one of them:/ but overall the packaging is very professional.
Blush- The packaging on this blush has actually now broken the lid has come off, and the MUA has rubbed off. The blush itself is a perfect colour for me, the prettiest pink, and lasts all day too.
Hope you liked this post!
Love from Gabby and Jade <3

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  1. The lipstick look super pretty! :)