Monday, 12 December 2011

Would You Rather Beauty Tag!

Heey Eveyone!!

These are a few questions me and my friends have thought of to ask you guys because I want you to do this too, "I tag everybody"

- Rather go out with nice hair and no make-up or nice make-up and messy hair?
....Definitely messy hair and nice make-up I cant really get away with wearing no make-up:(

- Shave your eyebrows or all your eyelashes fall out?
....Shave my eyebrows, my eyelashes are too nice, plus you can draw them in if you had to

- Be forced to shop at MAC or Sephora for the rest of your life?
....Well since I live in England I'd say MAC but I have no MAC make-up, what I'm not made of money to spend, so Sephora online, i suppose haha

- Lip gloss and lip liner look or wear the 80's perm?
.... The first one with the lips combo

- Obvious foundation line or overdone blush?
....I think if you did the overdone blush some girls can pull this look off and make it look nice even though it's dolly unfortunately that's probably not me but even so overdone blush all the way

- Would you rather wear in public MC Hammer Pants or Biker Shorts?
....Biker shorts they could look kind of cute, oh dear is that bad :/

- Bad spray tan or a bad tan line that can't be covered?
....Probably a bad tan line because at least that's funny when you get a bad spray tan it looks so cheap

- Would you rather have a bad haircut or a bad hair colour?
....Bad hair colour all the way, it does come out after a while or if it's your natural colour then you can dye it

- Give up using make-up brushes or mascara?
....I don't generally use brushes except for powder which I can miss and blush but I can buy cream blushes OH and eyeshadow brushes but if it's not cheating I can use applicators, haha *winky face*

Hope this was as fun for you as it was for me!
Love JADE! 

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  1. Cool tag! :)