Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Jade's January Favourites 2012!

Heey Everyone!!

Sorry I haven't done a favourites video for a while but hopefully this compensates, here are my January Favourites:

Sally Hanson NailGrowth
Maybelline Stilleto Brown Mascara
Soap&Glory Face Soap - I'm not as keen on te smell but the facial wash itself is fantastic!

Soap&Glory Clean On Me

LUSH Snow Fairy

LUSH Bubblegum Lipscrub

e.l.f Ivory All Over Cover Stick with
MaxFactor Foundation Brush

e.l.f Complexion Perfection
Rimmel Airy Fairy

Natural Collection Fondant Lip Gloss

Maybelline dream Matte Mousse Foundation Ivory

BarryM Bold Black Eyeliner

Love Jade Hope You Liked!!XXX

Plus by the way the majority of these prodcts will be on my blog:)

Sunday, 29 January 2012

My Grandma Gave Me A Present

Heey Everyone!!

This is a very quick post about one of my new loves, my compact mirror I got for Christmas. I know what it sounds like, "What?" "new love?, Really?" It's true! My Nanny Hall knitted the back for me and I think it is just beautiful:')

Here's some pictures:

Yes she seriously knitted this, can you believe it! I love my Grammy!

Hope you like this and since this I have taken up knitting again:)


Saturday, 28 January 2012

My Nail Care Routine

Hey Everyone!
Hope you are having a good weekend so far :)
Today I wanted to show you my nail care routine, how I keep my nails healthy...
1. First I make sure there is no nail varnish on my nails, before applying N'o7 Nourishing Nail & Cuticle Care, which is great, for a full review click here: http://www.beautyknowitalls.blogspot.com/2011/11/no7-nourishing-nails-cuticle-care.html

This is just how I apply it, with the easy to use applicator, and then I just rub it in! :)

Next I push back my cuticles, the nail treatment gel, makes this really easy to do.

Then I use this (not sure what you would call this) to get any dirt underneath my nails, which isn't essential, but I find my nails getting quite dirty throughout the day.

Next you can use a Nail clipper, nail scissors, or a nail file to get your nails all the same length and to a shape you like, I personally have quite short nails, and find them easier to take care off and I just use the nail file.

Now I've applied the Revlon Nail Growth Treatment- Step 3, to keep my nails strong and help them grow, I'm just tyring this out at the moment but I know Jade's all time favourite nail growth treatment is Sally Hansons- http://www.beautyknowitalls.blogspot.com/2012/01/sally-hanson-nailgrowth-miracle-top.html

To help this dry (because it takes ages!) I use Beauty Formula's Nail Dry, we have done a full review of this- http://beautyknowitalls.blogspot.com/2011/09/nail-dry-review.html
It is seriously amazing and only £1!!

Then I applied two coats of 17's Lilac Storm, plus the Revlon Topcoat over the top, and nails done! :)

Finally when my nails are fully dry I like to use a hand cream atm I am using Sanctuary's Hand Cream, which is amazing!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Look forward to more soon :)

Love Gabby<3!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Love or Hate- The Sports Watch

Hey Everyone! :)
A trend which I have seen a lot lately is the Sports Watch, everyone seems to have them, and they come in so many different designs, but I'm undecided as to whether I like them. What do you guys think? I've been looking over the web and found some!

Mid Pink (Pink) Sports Watch | 243378873 | New LookWhite (White) Sports Watch | 243378810 | New LookTurquoise (Blue) Sports Watch | 243378848 | New LookCoral (Orange) Sports Watch | 243378883 | New Look
These are from New Look (£10.00) and come in so many different colours.
Orange  (Orange) Gola Classic Watch | 236985480 | New LookPurple (Purple) Gola Classic Watch | 236987550 | New Look
Gola have done some too (£15.00)

Redherring- (£16.00)

So what do you guys think? :) let me know in the comments below whether you like them or not because I'm not sure and would love to know what you guys think!
Love Gabby xx

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Do You Like This Hair Colour?

Heey Everyone!!

This is the colour I was thinking about dying my hair, I've already died it at the ends (dip-dyed) but I want to go " the full monty" now. Hope you like it and if I do decide to ever use it I will show you guys some pics:)

The colour is Garnier's Red Mahogany

Love JAdeey!!

WARNING- Rimmel Recover Foundation Review!

Hey Everybody!
You may know I used this foundation Friday going to Wagamamas- (outfit of the night+ make-up ;) )http://www.beautyknowitalls.blogspot.com/2012/01/outfit-of-day-21012012.html
Unfortunately I woke up Saturday morning with broken out skin, my skin has recovered now, but the day after using it my skin was rough and spotty, not nice. This foundation might work great for you but for some reason it broke me out. Just wanted to warn you guys and give it a quick review! :)

The colour is actually perfect for me and it only costs £7.19! However it is actually very shiny, so it's not great if you are looking for a matte foundation.

^This bottle is quite old as my sister gave it to me because she didn't want it, at the time I though she was being really generous but now I know why she gave it to me :P. As you can see it has dried around the bottle which is expected, but for me the texture is quite rough and isn't that smooth. I actually like the nozzle packaging though because you can get all the foundation out! :)

Hope this post is useful to you guys :)
Thanks for reading! don't forget to follow
Love Gabby!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Stuff that I want from MUA

Heey Everyone!!

This is a quick post, me showing you what I would like to purchase from MUA. I'm sure as all you guys know now that MUA is a very cheap make-up line where all the original MUA stock is just £1 in Superdrug. Now they have expanded and have gotten more expensive but still have a few gems in there.

This is my top 5:

I'll keep you updated as to if I do buy any of these products and give you full detail on them if I do.
Cyaa Later!

Jade! xx

Sunday, 22 January 2012

OOTD: 22.01.12

Heey Everyone!!

A lot of posts today for you:)

Went out for a lunch meal guys;)

Polka Dot Shirt Topshop

Boots New Look

Bracelets Primark

Shorts Topshop

Headband...can't remember...

Okaay for some reason the pictures are really messed up:( Click on 'em you may get a better picture:)


BarryM Bold Black Review

Heey Everyone!!

OMG This is honest to God the best eyeliner in the world and baby I can tell you why!:

Firstly, you know I like to mention the packaging is fantastic, very professional and very sleek. I am a huge fan of the BarryM Nail Paints as some of you will know from my previous BarryM Nail Paint Collection and it has grown since then:')

This eyeliner is super creamy, long lasting and great pigmentation just look at the crap picture above (seriously sorry about the quality though) but the colour is true to real life view. My only trouble with it is it does start to smudge if you wear a thick line after about 5 hours.

It only costs £3.99 which is a lot less than all other high end eyeliners which do the exact same job, I am fascinated to try out the other colours!